Friday, May 30, 2014

Taking Stock

One of my favourite bloggers did this post a couple of days ago and I thought it was so cute & lovely, I wanted to do one as well. The original idea came from here (i believe)

Making: plans to run a 10K this coming fall with my husband & with (possibly) a couple of friends.
Cooking: with as much variety as possible these days. 
Drinking: water & infused water & coffee. Yummy! 
Reading: nothing at the moment. My brain doesn't seem focused enough to read these days.
Wanting: technology that would understand my brain and write my story out for me. 
Looking: at my cutie pie of a daughter. She is making spit bubbles on our couch currently. 
Playing: the HGTV channel softly in the background, because it helps me get to my creative place. 
Wasting: time. Trying to learn how to schedule my days better.
Sewing: creations are coming soon. I am excited to be reunited with my sewing machine this weekend.
Wishing: to be in my new home already. I just cannot wait!  
Enjoying: life. All of it. Period.
Waiting: patiently for this weekend to come around. Going to see my mommy for her birthday. 
Liking: my current project that I have been elbows deep in. 
Wondering: at many, many things. This year has been such a growing year, filled to the brim with new experiences. Wondering what else it has in store for me. 
Loving: how after five years, my husband is still my best friend. 
Hoping: that we get to the mountains as much as we want to this summer. 
Marvelling: at how fast Lovebug has been growing. Way too fast! 
Needing: a garden. I have a lot of friends who have planted or are starting to plant their vegetable gardens. Talk of garden carrots & radishes have me drooling.  
Smelling: fresh rain air. This week has been raining & I have been loving every minute of it. 
Wearing: my hair up in a bun or ponytail lately. The Lovebug has a fascination with my locks. 
Following: many inspiring bloggers on the internet. Sometimes it can take me a whole hour to catch up on everybody's posts.
Noticing: how the world is filled with many beautiful things, if only we take the time to look for them.
Knowing: that if I don't put on my glasses (now that I am almost done writing this out) I am going to regret it. My eyeballs are killing me. 
Thinking: of future plans & goals. 
Feeling: grateful for everything. My life is the life I have always dreamed about. 
Bookmarking: tons of DIY ideas. This & this & this have me swooning. 
Opening: all sorts of doors (aka opportunities) that I would have never dared to open before. 
Giggling: at my daughter. She is so funny, has so much life in her, has her own personality & even has attitude. She cried this morning, because I giggled at her attitude. Oops. I apologized and she smiled. 
Feeling: tired, but content. 

I really enjoyed writing this today. I hope you enjoyed reading it AND I hope you have a fantastic weekend. xo. 

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