Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Our Alberta: Banff

A couple of weekends ago my little family & I went on an adventure to Banff. Camping with a few friends, we tented in the rain, went on a few hikes, and danced in the rain. Well, I did. It was the Lovebug's first camping experience. She loved it. She did better than I did (I hate being cold). She was bundled so warm during the night, loved all the hikes we went on, and even enjoyed rain hitting on her head (it was only three drops, don't worry). I miss it already. I love being in the mountains and I hope one day to either live in amongst them or extremely close to them so that we can visit on weekends. I just feel like my heart is the happiest there. The air is clean. The mountains gorgeous. The trees surrounding. Nature at its finest. I love it. Here are a few moments I managed to capture of the assorted hikes we walked.
 A pretty river walk.

Beautiful growth of greenery.  

 On top of a bridge, this is one side view.

 The other side. 

Mountain love, frozen water.  

The lovebug & I soaking it all in. Photo credit to the Husband.

*No filters were taken on any of these photographs. All natural, beautiful light. 

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