Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Reading: I have started a book that I bought over Easter called "Made to Crave" by Lysa Terkeurst. I have heard of this book for years and finally I decided it was time for me to pick it up. This book was Lysa's journey as to how to satisfy "your deepest desire with God, not food." It is time for me to start putting God before my love for food. Food is fuel, a necessity, not a privilege. I want to crave God as much as I crave food. I have already read the introduction & the first chapter and I have already learned and realized a lot. Cannot wait to read more. I am also going to be starting the "Game of Thrones" series. I have a friend who is so excited for me to start it. She loves it and cannot wait to talk to me about it. So excited. Another book that I have been savouring, and I mean REALLY savouring has been "Longbourn" by Jo Baker. Its another take on the Elizabeth Bennet world and the way Baker writes is incredible. The majority of her sentences makes me swoon. 

Eating: I have rekindled my love for smoothies! I am especially learning to love and experiment with green smoothies. Some are misses - I definitely made one that I could not finish. But then there are those that are so smooth, taste so good that I forget that there are roughly three cups of greens in them. I love throwing new things and experimenting. Right now my favourite is a combo of spinach, kale, strawberries, blueberries, & almond milk. I do want to experiment with coconut, avocado, & pineapple as well.

Thinking about: just life in general. Family. Friends. Hobbies. Growth. Change. Just all of it. My mind is constantly thinking of whats going to happen 'next,' and my heart is happy to remain in the moment. Its a good mix I think. To always wonder, always dream, always hope, yet to not get lost in the dreams, to take full advantage of today & to create memories of love.

Listening: I am listening to a bunch of songs on iTunes lately. So many, I couldn't possibly narrow the list down. I love to listen to my music on random (really bugs the Husband, but he isn't home most of the time anyways) so I could be listening to Mozart, then AFI, then Reba, then Avril Lavigne etc. One group that makes me smile every time they do come on are the Civil Wars. 

Watching: My little girl learn more and more. She loves rolling to her side! Oh goodness, she is growing way too fast! I cannot believe how much she has changed already. I cannot believe it has been four months! Man. She also makes the funniest of faces. She also talks a lot. Definitely is her father's daughter. I have a feeling I am going to have a hand full with this little girl, and to be honest with you, I cannot wait. In the meantime, little lovebug, please stay small. You are growing way to fast.  

Anticipating: I am super excited for this coming Saturday! It is my birthday and I get to spend it with so many wonderful people. The hubby, love bug & I will be picking up my Sister as we go on a little road trip to meet up with even more family members. Saturday is also the day that we will be remembering my dear Grandma who past away this year, so we are all attending her memorial to celebrate her life, to remember who she was and to cry (just a little) because we can no longer get hugs from her. I am so blessed that I get to be with my family on this day, to remember this amazing woman, to celebrate life & death. And life in death. Normally I don't see my Grandma's side of the family, so to see them this Saturday, to be with them, makes me so happy. So blessed.

Loving: Being home. We went away for Easter holidays and it was absolutely amazing. Filled with so many family members, friends, new memories, a lot of driving, a lot of visiting. It was incredible and I am so happy we were able to go visit as many people as we did. I do love the feeling of being home though. The 
relaxing, comforting feeling of being home. My kitchen is a mess and I have laundry piled up like crazy, but I am home. 

Working on: my relationship with God. I have placed so many things before Him that it is all catching up to me. I have joined a group on Instagram that will be reading scripture together for the month of May. I also want to start journalling & reading my Bible again. 

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