Thursday, April 24, 2014

Currently: A Lovebug Edition

Reading: I love books! Especially my cloth ones, I chew on them all the time. I got a wonderful prayer book for Easter that I love, and my daddy bought me "I Love You Stinky Face," which is so funny and awesome. I like seeing the pictures in each book. They are so colourful. 

Eating: I am getting frustrated eating the same thing over & over again. I know its good for me and it will help me get strong, but when my daddy holds me while he is eating his food! boy ... I get mad. Its just not fair. Over Easter, my mommy & daddy got to eat so many yummy smelling things and every time I started to cry, because its just not fair. I cannot wait until they start giving me these yummy smelling foods. Mommy says I have to wait two more months! That is so far away. I just hope she doesn't feed me asparagus, daddy says he doesn't like that, so I know I won't either.  

Thinking about: Walking! I just want to get moving so bad. My legs are getting stronger every day! I will try and stand on my legs until I just cannot possibly stand on them any longer. Then I fall, well mommy catches me, but I do fall. Laying on my back is no fun at all. Time to get up and run. Got to do more squats, then I will be ready. 

Listening: I love my daddy who sings to me all the time. Even when I pretend that nothing can make me happy, he always wins. I try so hard not to smile, I try to cry louder, I try to be mad, but his voice, and especially when he plays on his guitar, I just love it so much I cannot help but smile. I get really confused when mommy plays music at home on her computer. I keep thinking its daddy and I don't understand why I can't see him. Right now my favourite songs include: "I See the Light" from the movie Tangled, "Cannonball" by Damien Rice, and "Such Great Heights" by Iron & Wine. 

Loving: Car Rides! I love being in my car seat! I never know where we are going to go, but that doesn't matter, I enjoy traveling. I always smile whenever mommy or daddy put me in my car seat and I will only fall asleep if I am really, really tired. My daddy put a mirror on the back window and I recently discovered that if I look at it I can see him. So nice. Lately mommy has been riding in the back seat with me because we have been going on some long drives. I like that. She talks to me, or plays with me, and I don't feel alone. 

Working on: Strength in my core. I just love sitting up by myself. Okay, mommy helps me, but I love it when my head doesn't touch anything. I don't want help, I want to sit by myself, so mommy says I need to work my core. I am also working on rolling over. So far I can only get to my side. My legs seem to know what they are doing but my top half isn't so sure.

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