Thursday, March 20, 2014

the Lovebug: a Few Things I Love

★I love it when she tries so hard to tell me what she wants, by cooing eagerly. 
★I love how one of the only songs that calms her down when she is in the backseat alone, is A Whole New World from Disney's Aladdin. Oh and I forgot to mention that her daddy is the only one who can sing it. If I sing it she starts crying louder. 
★I love how much she enjoys going outside on walks. She loves the fresh air and loves being able to see new things.
★I love how sometimes she just needs me. Me to hold her. Nobody else can make her happy. 
★To go with the one I just mentioned, I also love how she still enjoys meeting new people, but somedays she would just prefer it if daddy or mommy could hold her while meeting new people. Its a win win for everyone. 
★I love how well she did for her first road trip last weekend. Only started getting a little fussy on the way back, and it was only because she was tired. 
★I love how much she is talking back to us now. Coos, rzz and spit bubbles. Constantly. She is definitely a social butterfly. 
★I love how she had her first hearty laugh when her daddy was home to witness it. Perfect timing.
★I love how much she loves her daddy. Sometimes she just needs daddy time, and when she doesn't get it, or when daddy decides to not come home when he is suppose too (because he is hanging out with his friends), she gets mad. As soon as she sees her daddy she is a happy, happy baby. Definitely a daddy's girl already. 
★I love that she has her love eyes. She just looks at you with complete love. Its hard to look away when our little girl is using her love eyes. Her daddy was almost late for work because of them. 

Being a parent has been absolutely amazing. It has been hard at times, easy at times, and always lovely. I wouldn't change anything about this at all. I am so lucky. xo 

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