Friday, March 21, 2014

Journal Day #4 - On Worldly Issues

If you had unlimited resources, what political or social issue, or area of scientific or medical exploration would you fund? Do you have a cause that is dear and near to your heart that you'd put your time, energy, and money into if you had the means? Tell us about it, along with a bit of background explaining where you're coming from. From Sometimes Sweet

The one thing I love about working in Customer Service, is the ability to talk to anyone who comes in the store. The conversations always start off as simple as weather issues, but depending on the personality of the individual standing before me, it soon turns into stories of times past, yearning of the heart, or a realizing of something simple turned profound. The main group of people that I hold close to my heart are the elderly. I love them. I often joke with my husband that I would love to adopt an elderly man, because I think they are so cute.

The conversations and stories that I get from people who are in their late seventies and beyond, fascinate and make me the happiest. They have lived in a time that I cannot even imagine and they have wonderful stories to tell. I love it when I have the time during my job to listen to their stories about their grandchildren or what they did when they were young. I love sharing of the heart. Maybe its because I do have an old soul, but I feel more at home talking to those who are older than me, then those who are closer to my own age.

Now that I have mention this, I can begin talking about what cause is dear to my heart and what, if I had the funds, would I like to change. Elderly abuse. My heart hurts whenever I hear stories of the elderly being abused by their loved ones, or by those whom they have put their trust in. I know that many people don't care for the elderly because they can be mean & nasty. I understand what they are saying. I have meet a few who are nasty and seemed to not be satisfied until the whole room is just as negative as they are. But I also know that they have been through things that we could never even dream of. Whether it was in their early life or their current life.

I have heard of stories of grandchildren stealing money from their grandparents, of family not visiting their loved ones because they "hate seeing how sick they are," "they keep forgetting things and continually repeat their stories," "they are stupid and pointless," and "they are just big babies." These honest truths of people hurt my heart. I have heard of people abusing elderly physically. Their stories often found in newspapers and on the news. What about the stories that we don't hear? I have seen those who abuse elderly with their words. Calling them irrelevant, unimportant, to dumb to have their own opinion. I have seen these things happen before my eyes, out in public. But what about the stories that I don't see?

Elderly abuse is something that I would love to stop in the world. Just because they are older, sometimes stuck in their old ways, forgetful, or any other reason I have forgotten to mention, they are people too. They once were as young, beautiful, wild, and crazy as we are now. They have value, meaning, and importance. It is so easy to assume that our love is not needed on them as they can be forgetful or sometimes even mean. Or because they are "old fashioned" or "stuck in their ways" that talking to them about our lives, spending time with them, and even conversing them would be pointless, because "we just don't understand each other." I think this needs to stop.

Now with that being said, I don't know everyone's stories or their hearts. I know that sometimes there is so much damage in relationships that it is hard to even thinking about trying to mend them. I am just saying this from the overall general view I have when I hear of the elderly being abused. I don't want to be anyone's preacher and I don't want to cause fights. This is what I personally believe.

Physical abuse needs to stop no matter what the age of the person being abused. I hate when I hear about it with children, with those who are in a bad marriage, the elderly. It hurts my heart and I wonder what is wrong with the world. Why so much pain? I feel like we need to do all that we can to protect everyone from harm. Everyone has value, no matter who they are, gender, ethnicity, etc. This also goes hand in hand with verbal abuse. Neglect. Nobody deserves to be forgotten about. Nobody deserves to have bad things happen to them. Nobody deserves to be verbally abused by anyone. Even if they "have it coming." Even if they have warded off so many friendly relationships, or have done so much damage that a relationship with them is considered impossible. That just means that maybe you shouldn't be their friend, but it doesn't mean that they should be neglected entirely. I believe in second chances, in forgiveness, I know it can be hard, but I believe that even if you are not the one to be that person that they can count on and depend on, doesn't mean that you should be the one that causes the harm by being the abuser or neglecting. So hard to do when you are also a victim. I know. I understand. This is just my rambles, my thoughts.

I do have a relative who is forgetful, and I do have family members who avoid her, because it is "too hard." I know people can argue that what is the point since she won't remember them being there. But does it matter? Wouldn't the heart rather not having regrets, to live and spend time with family rather than avoiding them because they just cannot deal with it? What if she is lonely? Just because she won't remember in ten minutes, doesn't mean that right now, in THIS moment, she won't have the best of time, surrounded by those who care about her. To share her stories with, to laugh with, to love with. Who cares if she doesn't remember. Her heart will remember. You will remember. I will remember. And when it is all said and done, isn't that worth something?

Lets try and be more accountable with our actions. Let us stop elderly abuse. All abuse. Let us remember what love is. Period. No matter whom, when and where. Love. Its all we need, right?

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