Sunday, February 16, 2014


Reading: I am trying really hard to get back into reading. I would love to read two books every month this year. I really don't know if this goal is a crazy idea or a manageable possibility with a two month old baby in tow. But I don't care. I love to read and I miss diving into stories. I miss going on adventures and become a part of the character's lives. I recently got a library card (the lovebug has her own as well) and I cannot wait to go to the library every month. I read a really good book by Jeannette Walls called "The Silver Star" and I am now starting Jodi Picoult's "The Storyteller." I have read a few of Picoult's older books, however, Walls was a brand new author for me. I like the mix of reading the authors I hold treasured in my heart and finding new ones to fall in love with. I cannot wait to keep posting about all the treasures that I find in the library. 

Feeling Thankful: for community. Over the last couple of days, there have been so many people from my old church family who have come to see us. They have giggled over the baby and have brought gifts to bless us. I have also been blessed by my bible study ladies who threw me a surprise baby shower. Our friends have been so amazing and such a great support. It was a week of realizing that no matter where I go or what I do, I have people from my past who love and support me, new & old friends in my present that are such a blessing and my wonderful family who is stuck to me like glue. I love you guys. Thank you. 

Watching: Pretty Little Liars. At first I thought it was just a cutsy show and I threw it on just to have background noise. Now I am addicted and I won't say much about it (in case some of you also watch the show and please no spoilers) BUT WHO THE HECK IS A?

Anticipating: Being able to fit back into my skinny jeans. I have already made some progress in my journey of getting into healthy routines. I have already lost a few pounds and have been so encouraged by my family. I was going through my closet tonight and found a pair of my favourite skinnys. I miss wearing them and cannot wait to get back into them. I will definitely be rejoicing when that day comes around. 

Listening To: the white noise on Ladybug's swing. She loves to fall asleep with the static sound and I don't mind it. Not at all. 

Working On: trying to figure who I am as a blogger. What do I want to get out of writing on here? What do I want others to get out of my words and stories? It was suggested to me that I should become a stay at home mothers blog. Talk about all things motherhood, babies & life after babies. At first it freaked me out since it seemed like I was narrowing the huge possibility of readers down to stay at home mom's ... and idea that made me sad since I want everyone to take something out of what I have to say. Now that I have been thinking about it though, I do find such joy in talking about my experiences (thus far) as a mother. As a mother, wife and woman who is trying to figure out everything baby, life after baby and how to fit all the other joys in my life around baby. Maybe narrowing my focus down a little will help me really get this blog going. Going so that more than just my facebook friends are the ones reading these words. 

Loving: GURPS. I was never one to really understand the whole idea about role playing games. I had such mixed messages growing up on them that I never really went out of my way to play them. I was told once that role playing games were evil and that if you played them you would become confused with reality and become your character, not knowing what the differences is between real life and fiction. When I married my husband, he brought all levels of nerdiness to my attention. First it was new board games, then the Guild, then Magic, and now GURPS. Before we moved to Oman, he and a few of his friends played the game GURPS and every night when picking him up he would go on & on & on & on about what they did during the game. It was really exciting and soon became a joy to listen to him talk about this game. Now being back from Oman, my husband went out and tried hard to find a group that also plays the game. Since GURPS is not as popular as D&D nobody really was interested so my husband became the GM and started his own campaign. He asked me to join and I said yes. Honestly, I have to tell you that I started playing this game because I wasn't sure if my husband would have enough people interested in playing. I was worried. He had one friends say he was interested. We completed the first campaign and it was such an interesting, unique process that I was slowly beginning to see why he loved it. Its a unique form of storytelling. It really is. You are your own character and you can choose what you want to do, there is no evil in this game unless (like anything else) you let it consume you. ALL IT IS IS STORYTELLING. By the next week we had two others interested in joining and now that our seventh meeting is upon us, rumours of a sixth member become a part of our campaign has been proposed. I love this game. I love my character. I love the storytelling. My husband created this story, world, campaign from scratch and it is so interesting to watch it all unfold. 

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