Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Bye Bye: CandyCrush

For February 2014 I am giving up CandyCrush. I know February has already started but better late than never, right? 

Lately I have been addicted to this little game. I play it before bed, when I wake up, every time I breastfeed and every time in between. I get frustrated when I don't beat a level right away. Or when somebody does't send me a life right away. Sigh. If I counted all the minutes and hours I play this game ... oh boy.

The reason I am giving up this game is because I need to start creating a better usage of my time. I would love to start reading my bible again. I have the BibleApp on my phone and just started a new devotional on my phone. It is my goal that when I breastfeed that I turn to doing something mentally & spiritually healthy - not a time waster. When I go to bed I can read a book. If I awake before Lovebug that I can focus on knitting. Or do my yoga. I don't want to be stuck on this game or any other game. I don't want my day focused around a game. This is my start to a healthy new year. Get rid of the time wasters so that I can fill my days with things that I actually love.

So bye bye CandyCrush, see you when you are no longer a priority in my life.

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