Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Triple Chocolate Black Bean Brownies Recipe

This recipe I made last year but I found it and couldn't help posting it on my blog. I love recipes that sneak ingredients into it that nobody else would be the wiser of. I love it because it gives me such triumph when said person claims they hate something, and then you make them a dish that has that something and magic happens (abracadabra) and they end up LOVING the recipe. Now how did we do that? 

Triple Chocolate Black Bean Brownies

These Brownies are amazing. The reason I tried the recipe out is because the Hub does NOT like black beans at all. I just wanted to see if he would notice that they were in the brownies. He did not. He ate half the brownie plate before I told him. And once I did he just continued eating them saying that as long as he cannot taste them he does not care. I WIN! (I will definitely be sneaking more healthy vegetables into his food and I will just not tell him.)

The only thing I did a little different with this recipe is that I chose almonds instead of walnuts. I added a little bit more chocolate and I added an extra quarter cup of black beans. Because I added more chocolate, I had to bake these a little longer. They are delicious and I am addicted so I probably won't be making them again any time soon ... for my waist sake. However, since it is January and the Winter Blues might be appearing on people's radar, I thought posting this was most appropriate. Enjoy. 

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