Thursday, January 23, 2014

Currently: A Sort Of Look Into A New Mother's Life


Loving: my every moment with my daughter. She is such an amazing little girl and I feel so honoured to be her mom. She has been growing so much over the last two weeks and I am enjoying every single moment of it. She is longer in length, smiles a lot, coos, and is learning how to play with her hands. There are games that I play with her that she loves, I am understanding what cries mean what, and she loves it when people hold her and cuddle with her. Her smiles are huge when her daddy plays on the guitar, when her daddy holds her, and when her daddy cuddles with her. She loves her daddy. I love my daughter. I feel so blessed. 

Reading: not a whole lot lately. I haven't had the time to sit down and enjoy a novel lately, however, I did enjoy reading Bossypants by Tina Fey back in December. I also have a subscription to Chatelain that I enjoy every month. I am definitely enjoying magazines, I can read an article or two at a time without really having to invest a lot of energy into it. I cannot wait until I can sit down and enjoy reading again. Even if its just a chapter at a time. I did receive a book from my mom for Christmas as well that I cannot wait to dig into: Longbourn by Jo Baker. I am so excited to read it! 

Eating: not very well. Since my schedule is all over the place whether by just holding the lady or by getting sleep whenever possible I find that there are times that I forget to eat. Breakfast is the worse. I skip it and usually don't eat anything until one. I know its important to eat especially when breastfeeding, its just hard to make that meal for oneself. My mom is here for a little bit and we have plans to go grocery shopping. I have made a meal plan for myself for during the day that will be extremely easy to follow and with recipes that are easy to make while being nutritious. I cannot wait to try the recipes out. 

Drinking: lots of water. I bought water bottles from Costco last week and am currently using all three of them at once. Its great to have water in every single room of the house. Especially since I am breastfeeding. Got to stay hydrated all the time. With that being said I am also enjoying drinking coffee. 

Watching: a lot of television. Its another thing thats great to do while breastfeeding. I find that (especially anywhere from 2am to 5am) that by having something on the television that I can distract myself with, I am more patient with my little lady. Breastfeeding has been going well, but when I am groggy or so tired I tend to think that more time has past than it has, thus I feel like she is taking FOREVER when really it has only been two minutes. Having something to watch helps me just to sit, and relax and enjoy my time with the lovebug. We have Netflixs so there are a lot of shows that I turn on. Currently I am watching Greys Anatomy, One Tree Hill and the Little Couple. 

Listening to: the funny and adorable noises that my daughter makes. The husbands and my favourite sound is what we call her "failed" sneezes. She starts to sneeze but instead of actually sneezing it becomes this coo ... I wish I could record it and send it out into the world. The sound would make everyone smile. 

Feeling: happy. Oh so happy. Oh so very very very happy. 

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