Friday, November 22, 2013

the Lovebug

I am 36 and a half weeks today! Hooray! I have found a two doctors since being back in Canada and they both are wonderful. I am so happy with them. We have already had a few checkups as well as discussing the actual labor event. We have listened to Lovebug's heartbeat a few times, measured her, and have planned for her arrival. It is getting harder and harder, the closer we get to be patient and wait for her. The doctor tells me that its normal for a first pregnancy to go three days over their due date, I just don't want to wait. Come out, come out, little one. 

Lovebug is doing well. Kicking, moving, squirming constantly. Its getting to the point where its a little difficult as my stomach is getting harder. Not a lot of padding between me and her anymore. She loves kicking her daddy in the face when he puts his head on my stomach. 

I am doing well. I am healthy and happy. Just more uncomfortable. Its getting harder to sleep, my hips are so sore when I sleep on my sides and I am really curious as to how much more I can possible stretch. But I love pregnancy. I really do. Its is the neatest feeling ever and I just love it. 

These are just a few blankets that Lovebug and I were blessed with by the Grandmas in our lives. So wonderful. I love them so much. Three are handmade and one is store bought. 

And so many clothes came in the mail for Lovebug! Her Mimi (my mother) spoils her and found such good deals on all of these clothes. I cannot wait to have my girl here so I can start dressing her up... like a doll. ha. 

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