Thursday, November 28, 2013

Our Oman: the Wadi - The End

This was the last adventure that we had in Oman. We went to the Wadi Shab, a beautiful oasis in the middle of nowhere, about a two hour drive from Muscat. It was a beautiful hike with clear water pools, beautiful flowers, cliffs of rocks. I wasn't able to go all the way to the waterfall since at one point we literally had to climb over boulders to get there - the baby did not appreciate that at all. I still had such a great time relaxing, swimming and having a picnic with my husband as we waited for others in our group to come back. The husband and I even got to enjoy some drumming from other tourists who were also having a picnic near by - the echoes bouncing off the rock. It was wonderful. 

 We had to either take a boat across to start our hike or wade through the water. 
a donkey friend
 I realized I had the wrong setting on during the above shots. Grr, how frustrating. 
 Pretty, clear pools of water. Filled with fish. 
My goat friend.

It seems so weird to be back in Canada. We have been back almost three weeks! I miss it. I miss Oman so much. What a great experience. I have grown so much and if anybody ever asks me what my opinion is of their going abroad or traveling or taking a risk, my answer is always going to be "go for it." Understand the country in which you are traveling, do your research, ask questions, and then take the leap and jump. Sometimes it may not work out the way you thought it would, but it doesn't mean that the experiences you will have and all the things you will learn will not be worth it. It will be worth it. I loved it. I already have the bug to go back. I have the bug to travel more. 

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