Sunday, November 17, 2013

Our Oman: Kargeen - Our First Date

There are cats everywhere you go in Oman. 
The walk way to the restaurant. 
Pretty hanging star. 
Yes, the restaurant is outside. Look at the seats! So comfy.
The tile floor and the weeks in the upper corner are from air conditioners that they have placed all around the seating area.
My Pina Colada! mmm! 

This is where my hubby took me on our first date once I reached Oman. A restaurant by the name of Kargeen's. Its outdoors, surrounded by trees and flowers, beautiful, beautiful. They have really great tasting food, a pina colada (virgin of course) served in a coconut, and beautiful lighting. These were the pictures I took before it got dark, it gets magical after dark. There are twinkle lights, guitar music, lanterns everywhere, the smell of incense everywhere. Wonderful! We went there again before we came home. Because it was that good!

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