Friday, November 01, 2013

Our Nizwa: The Souq

Scenery on our way to Nizwa. 
This is where they normally sell livestock. 
Entering the Nizwa Souq (marketplace).
The majority of the stores that sold fruit, meat, and bread were closed. 
 The pottery stores were open, however!
Pretty little doors on the way out of the Souq. 

A little while ago the Hub and I went on a trip to the village of Nizwa, only a hour and a half drive from Muscat. We heard of a Souq, a Fort and a mud ruin city and knew that we had to go and check it out. The majority of the stores were closed at the Souq because we arrived early (2pm is considered early in Omani time). However the pottery and other knick-knacks stores were open and I took a ton of pictures. If I could have figured out an easy way to bring back pottery for everyone I would have bought them all. They were so beautiful. The pictures don't do them justice. 

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