Friday, November 15, 2013

Oh, How the World Turns.

“The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things.” The husband and I have left Oman for our homeland in Canada. We left last Sunday and arrived in Alberta where our family was waiting with open arms. The news of our leaving was sudden, but was the absolute best choice we could have made. 

I need to start off by saying that we did not want to leave Oman. Oman has been the most amazing experience of my life. The country is beautiful - I fell completely in love with it even though going in I wasn’t sure that I could. The culture is incredible. Filled with such respect that it makes Canada look shameful. I fell in love with the ocean. How could one not? The waves. The sand. The shells. The fish and the birds. Why do I have to live in land? I watched Little Mermaid on one of the flights home and with a sigh I shook my head as she dreamed about life on land. I fell in love with the language. Arabic is so beautiful. Omani’s get such joy when we try to speak Arabic. Always with a smile. Always with a response. I fell in love with Omani’s. THEY ARE ALL SO NICE. No matter where we go, we were greeted with respect and love, and when we tried to speak Arabic we would easily make their day. I fell in love with the warm weather. The humidity was easy to get use too. The sun always shining was a plus. The warmth was amazing. I fell in love with Oman. 

The reason I am saying all this is because you, dear readers, need to know that it was not because of Oman that we left and came back to Canada. Oman was amazing. It was completely 110% safe, there are no compounds in Oman. There is no need for a woman to have a man walk beside her going to the grocery store. No one needs to worry about any crime whatsoever. It’s not the culture. The medical care was amazing and my doctor was absolutely fabulous. I would gladly have all my children delivered there. We didn’t leave because I was overwhelmed with having a child without a grandmother/mother support system to stand by me. I was prepared and I was willing. I would have stayed and it would have been great. My apartment friends (the hubby’s coworkers) were already counting the days in which they could hold our little one and distress from work by her smiles. I fell in love with Oman. This experience. This opportunity. I hope one day to go back to Oman. To fall in love with it all over again. I definitely left a piece of my heart there.

 I felt like I had to explain this. Since I have been back I have had so many comments regarding my safety and that everyone is so happy that now I am back in Canada. Canada equals safety? I want to explain that I was 100% safe in Oman. Yes, I was in the Middle East, but Oman is not like the other countries there. We don’t have to live on compounds, I don’t have to have my head covered, I don’t have to be with a man 24/7. Oman was safe. Just because Canada is familiar to everyone does not mean that other countries and places in the world are dangerous. They are just new. Different than our familiar. Not necessarily dangerous. I was safe. I was healthy. I was happy in Oman. 

The story is a long story. The story of why we are back. I, for a long time, tried to figure out how to write it, how to explain it and how to cope with it. I have decided that I am not going to write its entire soul on here. Its too long. And to make sense of it, I need to write all of it, otherwise its just odd accounts that don’t make sense alone, only when adding it all together does it form the bizarre picture of truth that is, unfortunately, reality.  I also realized that it is more my husband’s story as it is mine. I was only sucked into its unfortunate events the last couple weeks of our being there. So if you are friends with my husband I would ask that you would ask him to tell the tale. He is a far better story teller than I am and quiet frankly the idea of mentioning it over and over again seems daunting to me. It’s heartbreaking, its infuriating and it makes me mourn the loss of Oman all over again. 

Since I have a blog and since its a chapter of my life that must be recored, I will give you the gist. That is all I can give right now. That is all I want to give. So here is my gist. My ONLY reason for not being a thousand miles away from where I am right now. 

There was a man who had to much power that he made it unsafe for us to continue with the school. We probably would have stuck it out a little longer if I had not been 32 weeks pregnant (most airlines allow pregnant woman of up to 34 weeks), but because of our deadline we made the decision best fit for our family and we decided to come home. He made our lives unsafe. Nothing else. 

We did not leave because of Oman. Oman is amazing. We did not leave because of culture shock or lack of friends or lack of snow or that there was only one Christian church in the entire city. We left because of our family. My husband, my lovebug and I. Our team. Our needs come first and we knew that coming back to Canada was the number one priority. For the wellbeing of us. To stay in Oman with the unknown hanging from the school was not an option. 

As I write these words, I am lying in bed and all I can do is smile. Yes, I am sad. I am devastated actually that we could not stay longer in this country. However, I am happy because even though there was a tad bit of craziness, I have no regrets. I would have gladly done this all over again even if I knew how it would end. The experience was extraordinary - something nobody can take away from me. I have learned so much from being here and it is now another chapter in my life. Experiences are power and I now have more power under my belt. It was a wonderful couple of months. Months filled of learning, trying new things, stretching, growing, loving, making new friends, adjusting, living. It was absolutely amazing. We are happy to be home. Home with family and friends, home with the snow, home in time for Christmas. We are excited about the new chapter we are on. Finding a car, finding a job, finding a home, settling into a new way of living. 

Oman has proven to me over and over again of the things that I can do. I am so much stronger because of my experience there. I can do things. I can travel, I can grow, I can stretch out and become a woman of strength and endurance. These are things I always had doubts about. Am I not a weak little girl from a small little town who is scared of everything? Oman has changed that and for that I am thankful. Oman was unexpected and it turned out great and it makes me look forward to our next major travel adventure. Where will we go? The sky is really the limit. For now, here I am, home in Canada, excited for the adventure coming soon, of become parents and for meeting and loving our little lovebug. Oh, how the world turns. 

I still have more photographs of Oman that I am going to post on here. More memories to record in which I hope you all enjoy. 


  1. the fantastic tale of a richer woman. a wealth of experience is the truest wealth of all. can"t wait to see where your adventures lead your family to next.

    1. Thank you, Kristen. Your words are an inspiration to me and your help was much appreciated. Cheers to us, Pioneer Women.