Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Basics: in Black & White

Finally I am able to share with you my first view of our apartment in Oman. My first day here was a little bit of a blur. I arrived at the airport at six am. I didn't sleep the entire plane ride so I was exhausted. I am so thankful that my husband was waiting for me. It made this transition so much better than if I had to travel with a stranger to my new home. 
The drive to the apartment was a weird one. The Humidity. The Heat. Palm Trees. Weird looking houses (which I now love), sand sand, weird plants ... and I was tired. And I found out that my husband really did have to go to work that day. le sigh.
We got to our apartments, threw all of my suitcases on the floor, and the Hub gave me the tour of the place. Very white. Very different than Canada. From exhaustion I cried a little. It was definitely not what I expected. Hubby cheered me up and once he left for work, I feel into a deep, deep 7 hour sleep. I only woke up because the Husband came home. 
Here are my first pictures. 

This is what all my doorknobs look like! How cool!
Tile work in master bedroom.
The bathroom. 
The master bedroom. 
The Kitchen. That door leads out to my washing machine.
Our second bedroom. We no longer have the table in there. Right now the second bedroom is a place for laundry and luggage storage. Oh and baby storage. :)
Hallway. That door is the front door. I am standing in front of the kitchen. 
Second bathroom.
Tile work in the second bathroom. 
The living room. This was before we got the couches. 

I am feeling more at home now that there is US in this place. Our things. Our decorations. The husbands guitar. Colour. It is a slow process to re-buy everything to make it home, but it is getting there. One step at a time.
 My first visitor in my new home. Still don't know what kind of bird he is. 
 Our washing machine! So old school. 
 the Hub's first big purchase! 
 My first cup of coffee. 
 A glimpse of what laundry day looks like. 
 We finally bought our own shower curtain (they were supposed to provide one) because I kept "almost" slipping.
 Lace and dried flowers makes the window in my living room perfect. 
Our couch that we finally got about a month after I moved in. So thankful for this couch.

Slowly but surely everything is getting done. We are still waiting on some more furniture to arrive. We have plans to buy a living room rug. We have already bought a few pieces of art for the walls, just need to find hooks to put them up. I eventually want to get some plants, but I need to do more research on plants that do not need a lot of sun. Our bedroom has changed a bit. Things are moving. Things are changing. And its only going to keep on changing. I will be posting more updates on each room as they get finished. Probably in the new year as I have other posts planned for the next little while. 

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