Sunday, October 13, 2013

Our Dubai: Part Two : Exploring

 the Burj Khalifa
 The Subway Station
 The Ceiling of the Mall of the Emirates
 Another beautiful spot in the Mall of the Emmirates
 I want this for my house so bad.
 The American University
 A random art piece we found on our morning walk.
 Vogue in the Dubai Mall
 I love this chandelier. 
 Flashing lights on the ceiling of the Dubai Mall
 Did someone lose a little lamb? Just kidding. The hub and I stopped at Build-A-Bear to build a bear for our little lady. This is where we went for supper. 

 The Rainforest Cafe was awesome. I loved it. 
 A waterfall and sculpture.
 Burj Khalifa at night. 
 A beautiful water show we accidentally stumbled upon.
 Lights on palm trees.
 A hotel attached to the Dubai Mall. 
I am just loving this vacation so much. Yesterday we arrived in Dubai and I got giddy when I saw the Burj Khalifa - also known as the tallest building in the world. I was here a few weeks ago to obtain my visa, so it wasn't the first time I have seen this building, but I am still in awe. I love it. The hub and I found our hotel (amazing driving done by my man ... seriously, I am so impressed. He drove on a nine lane highway, talk about scary, but he remained so cool), got settled in, went to the Mall of the Emirates, had a little supper and called it a night. This morning we woke up and started out our journey by going to the subway station. We were going to attempt to walk to the Atlantis Hotel, but it turned out to be further and less convenient that we had planned. We abandoned that idea and found ourselves at the Dubai Mall. This mall is huge! After a little looking around, building a Build-A-Bear for our lady, we ended up going the the underwater zoo (more on that later)!! Supper at the Rainforest Cafe, exploring more of the mall, we found ourselves outside where the coolest water show happened before our eyes. It was incredible. And talk about timing. We then hurried back to our hotel for a few minutes and prepared ourselves to get to the two (main) reasons why we came to Dubai in the first place. To get the husband his Magic card game. To get me to a yarn store. Now traveling in Dubai is crazy, so many roads, too many cars, not enough signage. Hubby was amazing, yet again. He found both places and we are now both super happy people. I honestly believe that he could drive in New York City and we would get to exactly where we want to go without wasting any time at all. He is great. He has his game. I have some yarn and embroidery supplies. We are back at our hotel and we are (exhausted with sore feet) happy. It has been such a great day.

Tomorrow we plan on driving to the Atlantis Hotel and spending the day there (too much to do, so little time)! My only prayer is that I packed enough batteries for my camera.

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