Monday, October 21, 2013

Our Dubai: Part Four : Roadtrip

The first spotting of the Atlantis!
 Inside the tourist section of the Atlantis. This was a part of a mural on the ceiling.
 I love these machines. 
 My parents need this kind of light fixture in their home.
 Hooray. And no they didn't take pennies...
 Pretty statues on the roof.
This whole building is shaped like a dragon. We didn't go in, next time.
 Isn't that beautiful?
 Look at those mountains! Gosh, I am in love.
A friendly reminder.

Dubai was amazing. Such a good trip. The perfect length of time. Any longer and we probably would have gone a little stir crazy. On our last day we drove to the Atlantis Hotel. It is so beautiful. I cannot believe that it was not that long ago that we joked about one day going to see it. The only sucky thing was that due to privacy of patrons, we were not able to even enter the lobby of the hotel. I was really hoping it would be more like that Banff Springs, where they welcome you to tour around and even check out the haunted floor. Not the case. The Atlantis had a touristy section (where I was able to take the pictures of the ceiling and light fixtures) which included the entrance to their aquarium and water park. Everything was so beautiful. If we were able to go inside I am sure this day trip would have lasted longer, but alas, we soon headed out. 
Hubby did such a good job driving around the city. Seriously, he is a pro at large city driving. We headed for home. Taking a last look around and the amazing, tall skyscrapers, we said our goodbyes to this beautiful city. Luckily the drive was no bore, the climate kept us entertained all the way home. 
We have hopes to come back to Dubai when my folks are here in the New Year. I am sure they would love the shopping and it would be a shame for them to come all this way without seeing the tallest building in the world. 
This concludes Our Dubai tour. I hope you enjoyed. I really tried hard not to post EVERY picture that I took.

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