Thursday, October 10, 2013


Anticipating: going to Dubai to get started on my yarn stash. Oman is not known for having yarns. I believe there is one place in this entire country that sells yarn and by the sounds of it, ordering is a must when going there. I quickly googled yarn in Dubai and thank heavens, there is a very nice looking store that has ton of selection. I really hope that they have a ton there as I might be walking away with everything that they have. I also need some quilters fabric (I want to make this, this, this and this), some fabric paint (so that I can make this) and embroidery thread (so that I can make this and more). I have a lot of projects I want to do. They better be ready. I am hoping to not spend too much there, I will need to figure out how long certain crafts will take me. I don’t want to be busy for three weeks and then have no more projects. My fingers are itching to do more than knit dishcloths. 

Reading: I am reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. She is such an inspiration and her writing style is so poetic that I was immediately in love with it. Ann is encouraging me to open my eyes and see the gifts that I have before me. To see the beauty in everything ordinary. To cherish and treasure each moment because time flies by and if I don’t cherish the moments I will be wondering what happened to them. It has been an amazing read so far. I recommend to everyone to pick one up.  

Eating: Grapefruits & tomatoes. The two fruits I am need daily in my life right now. We are near the end of our grocery week, so I ran out of both items and its driving me crazy. I will be buying more grapefruit and tomatoes on Tuesday so that this dry spell does not happen again. 

Watching: We just started watching Under the Dome, a series that just started and we heard nothing but amazing reviews from our friends & family. So we started it. We just finished episode two and aside from the thriller factor and gore (I am talking about the cow in the first episode) it has been interesting. We will see how long I last before I get too weirded out by everything. I also heard a lot of reviews about the show called Orange is the New Black and how it was the next best thing. We started that as well. It is HBO (what more can I say?) and at first we were shocked and confused as to if we even wanted to continue with the series. And even though it is shocking, the characters grew on us and now we are eagerly waiting season two. I would recommend reading about this series before just jumping into it. It is NOT for everyone. We also started Game of Thrones. Love that series. The husband was reading the first book before we flew to Oman so he was ready to compare the show to the book. For the most part, he says, it is very well done and there is nothing to complain about, however some character profiles have been changed (making one man gay who wasn’t in the book) and adding characters to story lines when they are  not supposed to be in the first show at all. Usually I would get annoyed at anyone who is comparing show to book, because it takes away from the show. However, when it comes to certain things that I love I am quick to judge (cough cough Harry Potter) so I am trying to let him have his fun. Last but definitely not least, but husband has got me into the show New Girl. A cutsey, light, comedy with the lovely Zooey Deschanel. She is hilarious, quirky, nerdy and her style is to die for. I definitely recommend this one to everyone. 

Listening to: First Aid Kits - Emmylou and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Home on repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. 

Feeling: Happy. I am happy. Everything is turning out and working out here. I feel like I am settling in. My home is starting to feel more like us and not like an empty hole with white walls. I am making new friends and these people, who are here with me, are absolutely incredible. It is the hubby’s first holiday starting tomorrow, so I am excited to be able to spend some quality time with him, exploring and traveling. We will be heading to Dubai (eep yarn!!!) on Saturday and we have plans to travel around Oman some more. Taking in the touristy sites, taking pictures, planning more blog posts. AND FINALLY I am happy because my phone (which only has data at the moment) is able to send my data to my computer by “tethering” and (if it works) will allow me to not only check the internet, but hopefully allow me to post blog updates. So if you are reading this, it will mean that it worked and that I can use the internet at my house, even if its not as often, this is a very exciting thing for me. Fingers crossed. 

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