Saturday, August 31, 2013

Currently: Here & Waiting

I just wanted to send a little note saying that I will have internet soon. It is a very slow process and I am hoping it will be arriving at my home soon. Until then here is a little snippet of what has been going on with me currently.

Reading: right now I am reading Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. I am on about a quarter done, but I am enjoying the story. When I was in Edmonton I watched the movie, but since I was exhausted that day I fell asleep during it so now I am reading the book to figure out what it was about and how much I missed. The language is wonderful and the characters and complicated & with issues, just the way I like  them.

Feeling Thankful: for my husband. He has been so wonderful since I have been here. Treating me like a queen and he makes sure that I know every single day how much he is thankful for me and how happy he is now that I am here. He has been amazing. I really missed that man. 

Watching: since I have been here I have been going through my Gilmore Girl series as well as watching delightful Australian cooking show called My Kitchen Rules on my television. We finally got a couch so sitting and watch TV in my living room has been great. 

Anticipating: having wifi in my home. Soon. I hope. Also anticipating getting my family visa (another thing we have to wait for) so that I can be considered a local!! Not too much of an issue right now since the husband has his, but it would be nice to be able to go and find a doctor for my pregnancy. Soon.

Listening To: Tegan & Sarah. They put me in a happy mood. 

Working On: improving my Spider Solitaire skills on my computer. haha ... I cannot believe I finally have time to play Solitaire again. It has been years since I have played the game. 

Loving: the beach! Seriously. I want to live in the ocean. The hardest thing about swimming in the ocean is leaving the ocean. I want to be a mermaid.

Eating: not very healthy food, but we are finally going to go grocery shopping for all the produce my heart and belly desire. Its time for homemade omelettes, salads, soups and healthy meals. The best meal I have enjoyed since being here (eating out wise) was when we went to Chili's and I had my Tortilla Salad. SO good.

I am taking so many photographs that once I have access to the internet in my home, there will be so many posts that I am sure will appease everyone. Hope you are all well. xoxo


  1. Hi Emily, I am so glad you have this Blog so I can follow you on your adventure. Can't wait to hear how "Little Ladybug" is doing? Can't wait to see your pictures. Sending lots of love your way. Idalee

  2. Idalee. I miss you, lady! I am hoping to continue writing on this blog, it has been an adventure itself to find wifi connections. I am hoping it will become easier soon. I miss you tons. xoxo