Friday, August 09, 2013

Bring It On : Traveling Abroad

Wow, my time here in Canada is coming closer & closer to end. Three more days until we travel high up into the sky. It is completely crazy for me to even imagine. I had the car windows rolled down this evening coming home from a little family reunion. The cool breeze felt so good on my skin and even though it got to the point where I was getting cold, I left the window open. I soon will not be getting cool breezes through my windows. What an interesting realization. I am so thankful for Canadian winds. And I am so ready to get used to Omani winds. Bring it on. Oh goodness it is coming so fast.

I am so ready to have my own place again. My own home. Decorate and make it our own. Cook the food I want to cook. I am so ready to get used to the HOT heat, yet scared that I won't ever get used to it. I am so ready to get the baby's room all decorated for her. I am so ready to get into a routine. I am so done with talking about why we are doing this or talking about the differences between Canada and Oman. However, at the same time I am so thankful for everyone who cares enough to ask these questions. I am so ready to experience new things and explore new places. But sad that I will be saying goodbye to the places I love, the people I need and the things (like all the balls of yarn) that I am leaving behind. But bring it on. I am ready. No more tears. No more goodbyes (only see you laters) and no more talking about when its going to happen. Lets just sit, relax, enjoy the moments left, breathe, feel joy, trust in God, say our see you laters, and remember that change is good, there is nothing to fear, and that this is going to be an experience of a lifetime. Bring it on. Bring it on.

The husband and I have had such a wonderful time visiting with friends & family. Everyone has been so wonderful and encouraging. I have visited with people whom I haven't seen since last year, and we have had a blast. So many card games, great conversations around food, knitting, reading, and giggles with young children and so many baby gifts. We are so blessed to be surrounded my such an amazing support system. Thank you so much to everyone.

Now its the weekend. Our last weekend in Canada. Our bags have been rearranged to fit in the many (and adorable) new baby things we have received and hopefully they are still under the fifty pound mark. We have coffee dates with a few friends, play dates with siblings, and soon my family will be here to see me off. I am so blessed. My mom, dad and sis are coming on Sunday to spend a whole evening and morning with me before I fly out!! What a treat. I cannot wait.

This may be my last post from Canada. I do not know for sure. But know that I am truly thankful for all of you. God bless you.

Bring it on.


  1. I don't know if I gave you my e-mail yet so it is

    1. I am saving it to my inbox. I miss you.

  2. Love it!! You go girl!! Love you and praying for you