Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bits & Pieces

The Hubs and I have two weeks before we leave on a jet plane. Thank heavens we know when we will be back again. :) We are loving our time off and enjoying spending time with our family and friends. Here are a few bits & pieces of our vacation so far.

1. - 4. A lovely outing with my folks. One day I will have my chickens.
5. Spending time outside at a campfire is just the best.
6. Knitting with my kitty.
7. A beautiful bouquet of flowers for my mom.
8. A glimpse of a hail storm in southern Alberta.
9. A gift from a friend. Lovely strawberries.
10. Going on a sister date.
11. Homemade food from my brother. What a good cook!
12. A dress day comes included with a baby bump.
13. A treat after house hunting with my sister.
14. Moving day has gone and went. So thankful for my husband and my family for helping!!

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