Monday, June 17, 2013

Adventures Are Coming

Life is either a great adventure or its nothing. - Helen Keller

It has been a while since I have been able to post on here about my life and current hobbies. My everyday life has been put on hold since April as a new possible future had been brought to our attention. It started as a dream, a possibility, a hope & a wish and it now has blossomed into perfect timing and a beautiful new reality. Adventure time is around the corner. 

My husband has received a teaching position that is going to take us out of our element and out of Canada. A position that came to us by email, that grew into meetings & brainstorming, and now has become our future. We will be flying overseas in less than 60 days and will be experiencing things we have never had the opportunity to be a part of before. The job is a two year contract with a new school opening up in Muscat, Oman. Yes, Oman. The middle East. Who would have thought? Certainty not I. However, the opportunity came to us and we just looked at each other and thought "what if?" And now here we are. In the midst of a crazy whirlwind of packing, sorting, moving, saying goodbye, paperwork. Lots of paperwork. Lots of fine tuning of little details. Lots of different emotions. A friend asked me what percentage of excitement I was. This is what I told her. 70% excited, 20% nervous, 10% everything still feels like a dream. I probably won't feel like this move is actually happening until I am standing on the beach, staring at the Indian Ocean and feeling the (very) hot heat on my face. I do know, with complete certainty, that after two years I will be so happy and proud that we took this chance of a lifetime. 

There where my hear has settled long ago
I must go, I must go.
Who could imagine I'd be wand'ring so
Far from the home I love?

Yet, there with my love, I'm home. 

This move has been one major reason why I have been away from the computer for so long. 

 Reason number two...


Woohoo. We are completely thrilled to finally say that we are going to be parents! This has been something that we both have wanted since we first got married. And now it is finally happening!! 

We found out that we were pregnant after we decided to move to Oman. Timing is really everything and before we found out we had one concern. How soon would it be before I got bored on my two year vacation away from the retail world (I cannot work unless someone decides to sponsor me)? Even though I want to learn as much about the culture, volunteer where I can, enjoy reading, knitting, and taking in all the beautiful scenery, a little part of me was worried that I would eventually have nothing to do and become miserable in my boredom. With this baby coming along I will have more than enough to do. The middle of December is when we expect the arrival of our new gift and until then I will be enjoying the moments, the days as they come. I really believe that the timing could not have been better.

Adventures have been coming to us by the bucket full and I am feeling so happy & blessed. Blessed to finally be a mom, blessed to have an amazing husband, blessed to be having this adventure with him, blessed that our families have been so supportive of us, blessed that everything is falling into place. Even though the idea of Oman wasn't even a wish at the beginning of the year, God knows what He is doing and His timing is Perfect. 

And now I feel blessed to be able to share with you what has been going on in my world. Life is an adventure and I cannot wait to see how everything unfolds. 


  1. Wow Emily I am so happy to read this! I have been thinking of you often ever since you sent me that sweet message! You are going to be a wonderful mother, congratulations! Oman is going to be an amazing adventure as well, I'm so excited for you!

    1. Thank you so much, Lady. Actually I have been thinking about you a lot as well since I saw you at Grad and we hugged!!! I hope to see you before I leave, but worse case scenario we have the lovely internet to stay in touch with!

  2. Hi Emily,
    Congrats on both fronts! What exciting news. I'm so happy for you and Brad. I look forward to reading more about your adventures. Way to embrace life!

    1. Thanks, Maki!!! We are so excited!!! :)