Wednesday, March 06, 2013

the Joy Dare

There are days in which I wonder if I truly grasped the beauty of today. My head is always stuck on my phone, on the computer, on the television. Did I notice the sunrise today? The sparkle of the snow? The pretty landscape? I am always hiding in the backroom at work during my break instead of getting fresh air outside. I am always doing something else instead of just looking, experiencing the world, experiencing joy.

You, dear readers, have been cordially invited to join me on a haunt for Joy starting Sunday March 10.

The Joy Dare
by Ann Voskamp
A Holy Experience Blog

A Holy Experience

The lovely and beautiful Ann has created this beautiful blog to inspire and grow. I highly recommend her blog just to peruse or to get inspiration from. She is wise, funny, real and has such a love for God. One of the things that I have been struggling on finding time to do is her joy dare. It is a dare that she has created for everyone to find the joy in their lives. Her dare is a list of three different things that she wants everyone to look for every single day. Three things. This is an experience to find joy, gain perspective and give thanks to our Creator for the wonderful & beautiful works He has made. 

It is my goal to not only look out for these three things but to take a photograph of them as well. I always have my phone on me so I always have a camera. So why not? I want to be able to upload them onto here every week so that I can remember, enjoy, and give thanks.

I encourage you to download and print of her dare list and allow beauty to enter in your life.

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