Thursday, March 21, 2013

Heart Vs. Face

Sometimes I struggle with the idea of being a blogger. I am finding it so hard to remain true to myself. The world is showing me that the only blogs that make it into 'something' are the ones that have a billion photographs of the blogger, herself. Of her life. Everything that happens. Everything that she does. What she is feeling all the time. There are so many different ways to personalize every single social media app available so that everyone in the entire world can know exactly how one is feeling at every single moment of their lives. I am finding that pictures are preferred as one can simply look at what the person is doing or wearing instead of taking the time to read what is happening. Or we write silly little things on Facebook that just make no sense. Like why did I need to know that? why? why?

I know why people like photographs. Pictures are what makes the world go round. Pictures are worth a thousand words. There are blogs that I just glance at the photographs because they are beautiful and it makes me wish I had better photography skills. I just look at the photographs and I see the pretty colours in their wardrobe, or how delicious that dessert looks and I feel a sense of envy. Why doesn't my house look that colourful? Why can't I make that delicious dessert? And I leave the blog. I don't read the words. I see the pictures. And if they are not colourful enough then bye. Cannot afford to waste my time here. Grr.

And who knows what wisdom I could be missing out of by not reading. Reading takes time. And frankly I have to much going on to read every single word that someone else wrote. Who has the time?

REALLY? Is that what I turned into?? ugh.

So as a blogger, who has this issue herself, why write at all? Why add text to fill in the space between the photographs? Why not just add a hundred photographs of myself on my blog, do a couple of videos and show the world who I am exactly? And trust me. I thought about it. I thought about creating a youtube video page, about doing outfit of the day posts with makeup tutorials, I have thought about a million different ways to advertise myself onto my blog in order to make it seem more personal and easy to view.

However, I just cannot do it because in reality that is just not who I am. I love the idea of finding a way to share my recipes and my DIYs and my life with the world. I really do. But to show my face or to have the sound of my voice echoing a thousand times in this cyber world makes me feel a little ... weird. And not because I am creeped out or worried that I won't be a popular blog even if I post a thousand pictures of myself. It makes me feel weird because I am worried that as soon as I try to transform myself to the ideal blogger that the world seems to have, then the magic will be gone and I will lose all interest in what it was I was trying to create in the first place.

I want my blog to be a space in which we can converse and hopefully relate with one another. Yes I still want to post pictures of food, scenic views and DIY projects. Maybe even my hair colour if it changes. The world is there and the life you lead is what you make it. This is my story and I will post things that happen to me or what I have created, but I don't want it to be all about me. I want this to be a creative way to relate to all of you. That I can somehow inspire you, dear reader, to do something you never thought you could or never even imagined as a possibility. That you can become all it is you want to be. That is what I want. To be an encourager. Not a face.

Its like reading a book. A book that has no picture on the front of what the main character is supposed to look like. As you read, the character is formed in your mind and then as situations occur, the character and how they act become more real and it is what you make it to be. And depending on what happens in the story, the reader becomes invested. The shock. the Horror. the Romance. the Adventure. Sadness, happiness, the sense of frustration. And the journey begins and it takes you through a chapter at a time. And when both the reader and character make it to the end, a sense of accomplishment and triumph occurs, leaving both to their happily ever after.

That, dear readers, is what I want to be to you. Not a face. But a journey. I want my words to help inspire. My triumphs and failures written down to be relatable but not to focus on myself, my pain, my issues. NO. But to help with anyone going through the same issues. To inspire anyone to make a better journey for themselves, to be more creative, to see things more clearly to (fill in the blank.) I want to share my heart. Not my face.

This is the reason why I will not post a thousand pictures of my face on my blog. I am me. And I am here. My heart is in my words. Not my face. To relate. To create. To inspire. the END. Take it or leave it that is up to you.


  1. You are lovely Emily - I love reading your words. Pictures have their place, but tere is something so beautiful about being vulnerable enough to put your life into words. I'll take it :)