Monday, February 25, 2013

the Now Project Vol. 2

Vol 2 - Making a House Your Home

Your home is a safe Haven. A place to put your hat. A place to hide when you are feeling vulnerable. A place to connect with old friends and a place to make new friends. A place to dream. To inspire. To live. To raise a family. A place to hear giggles, to comfort tears and a place to build memories. It is a shelter. You can be yourself in it. You can create and invent new things in it. A safe place to rest. To keep your guard down. A safe place to mend broken hearts. To find peace. To be lazy. To have personal and quiet time. A place to be comfortable in. A place to be silly in. A place to cry if you need to cry. A place to teach. A place to simply be. A place filled with: Relationships. Dreams. Safety. Hope. Love. Peace. Joy. Family. Comfort. It is your Home. Yours. Home.

If the house is not a home, how can we truly relax, be ourselves and be at peace while we live in it? Your home should be a priority. We should not be putting if off for next week. We should be focusing on it today. It is our place. It needs to be a place that we love.

Are your items attacking your home? Instead of feeling peace & tranquility are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Is your craft desk filled to the brim with things that are indeed not crafts? Are simple chores like vacuuming overwhelming because you have to remove a million things off of the floor to begin with? 

Is the reason that your house is not homey at all because you have white walls, boring furnishings and the furniture cannot be arranged in more ways then one? Are the white walls destroying your creativity? 

No matter if you are renting or if you have purchased your house, make a pro and con list of your space or of at least one room. Write what you like best about the room. Write what you hate about the room. 

Once you have established the list, the projects to build a house a home can begin. 

I want you to take on one room, dear reader. I would suggest the most common room in your house, the one that you spend the most time in. I personally would chose my living room. It is the room that I entertain in, that my husband and I have dates in, where I can hang out by myself in. I live in this room the most. 

Simply Surrounded.
Now, if you feel like you are surrounded by stuff, this is the section for you. Look around the room. everything that is in your home defines who you are. They show your likes and your dislikes. Is your home telling your story the way you want it too? Is it describing you personality or somebody else's? Do you love it? This is the part where you can make your room your own! Do what you love. Don't wait for tomorrow. Make it a place that you will love right now. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of items you have in your house, if there is no peace, I want to remind you that the importance of said item is not more important than your peace of mind and health.

First step. Get rid of the dirt.
Clean your room. Top to bottom. Move furniture into the middle of the floor. Wash walls. Wash windows. Vacuum. If there is anything to fix, paint to touch up, do it now. Or if you can afford it, paint your walls. Painting is an easy way to cover this place with your personality, however it is not a cheap way. This is the stage where you can rearrange your furniture to your liking. 

Next step. The bare essentials.
Dust all of your objects. Wall art, candle holders, plaques and even books. Put your necessities away. Your clock. Your book collection. An art piece that you love. Necessity- something that you honestly, truly and absolutely cannot live without. Out of the rest of your processions, what are your absolute favourites. I mean if you had to pick five, what would those five be? My picks would be as follows: the books, the plants, the guitars, my pear collection, & my paper flowers. These are my favourites. If I had to get rid of two of those it would be my paper flowers followed by my plants.
 Everything else that you did not pick right away, I want you to put in the middle of the room. Out of these items, pick your next five favourites. Put them into their new homes around the room. Look at your pile again. Pick your next five favourite and put them around the room. Do it again. Take the remaining items and put them in a basket. Remove them from your sight. How many items are not in the room? How does the room feel? No matter if there are ten items in the basket or over a hundred, there should be space enough in your room to breathe. Breathe and think. What does this room need? Maybe it needs that one thing you put in the basket. Play around with the things in the basket. See what fits. See what doesn't. Figure out what items you have been holding on to just because. 

Challenge: Keep at LEAST ten items in the basket. Store them away in a place you hardly ever go too. If you cannot stop thinking about a specific item, return it to your room. If you forgot about them, then get rid of them in a month. I challenge everyone to do this every month. Including myself. Our house is always bringing new things in (and we don't even have kids yet!!!) and we need to balance that by removing the old. 

-Before you nail pictures into the wall, make sure you know exactly where you want them to go before you put holes in the walls. Have someone hold up your wall pieces in specific spots so that you can see how it looks from far back. 
-Put movies and CDs in baskets for a nice clean look. 
-Make a cleaning schedule for you room that breaks down the chores to only a couple every day instead of a lot all at once. Especially when it comes to dusting. Example. Dusting on Monday. Tuesday is sweeping and Vacuuming. Wednesday is Bathrooms. Thursday is laundry day. Etc. 
-When you feel the urge to buy a new knick-knack or just get a hankering to buy something, buy some flowers. They are fresh, the smell nice, and they don't last forever. 
-Alphabetize your DVDs or books. And if that is too orderly, organize them by style or organize them by colour.

Do whatever you need to do in order to make your space YOUR SPACE. Maintain. Every day. Put things away. Every day. 

Simply White.
If you don't have a lot of "stuff" or a lot of stuff to being with then this is the place for you. You need a homey place. A place to be yourself and a place that suits you and makes you feel comfortable. This is where you need to be creative. I would recommend finding exactly what you like. Whether be from looking at magazines or from blogs, save what you like, know what colours you like, find what style you like. 

-Hang pretty jewellery in the window and watch it sparkle. 
-Place scarves over lamps. Buy a dollar store canvas and walmart paint - Paint yourself something beautiful. Abstract. Put tape on random parts of the canvas and paint just a couple of sections, remove the tape and see what you have created.
-Find a sheet of fabric that you like and create it into curtains or a table cloth. 
-Find a friend who has plants and see if they have a sapling that you can have. Plant yourself a flower. 
-Knit a rug. 
-Check our thrift stores and garage sales constantly. 

Challenge: create an art piece that will make your house a home. Have fun. Be creative. Allow room for creativity into your life and don't be afraid to embrace it. Create a place that you will WANT to hang out in. Be fearless. Who cares if it looks hard - there is not better time to start it then right now. 

These are just a few photographs that I am extremely proud of. When I glance into these corners, these snippets, I feel inspired. I want to curl up with a good novel, knit until my fingers hurt, write until a story unfolds. I want to do anything and everything. 

Take back your home. Don't let white walls or cluttered spaces scare you away. It is time for you to come home now. 

Just do it. 

You can go here to see Vol. 1 of the Now Project. 

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