Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Evolving Into Something

Hello there,

I am writing today about the changes I want from my life. I am still currently thinking about the new goals I am making. I don't really believe in New Years Resolution lists, I don't believe in the fact that once a year everyone makes a huge deal about all these things they want to change, stick with them for maybe two months and then give up. There is too much pressure there. I believe in constant change. Always making goals, always changing, making improvements, making mistakes, finding your rhythm. Finding my rhythm.

I want to take it seriously and I don't want to have it be on my 'i wish i could go back three months so that i would have been able too...' list. When I make this so called "resolution" I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I want to change and there is a lot I could benefit from changing. I just need to be ready, willing to change. So here are a few of my wishes. My wishes to change and become happier, healthier, better.

:: Wake up earlier - I need quality time with myself. Yes. Our weeks are becoming so packed (I feel) with everything that is going on that I find myself at the end of the day ... exhausted, stressed and almost ready to cry. It is hard trying to fit everything into our crazy schedules that on my days off I just lay on the couch and zone with a new popular television show. I am done. Done with people. And that is horrible. Especially since I love people. I want to try and get into this habit so that I can workout, make a healthy breakfast, sit still, pray, read, relax all before I have to 'start' my day and give all my love out to the world.

:: More time outdoors - now as I am sitting here the sunshine is making my whole living room bright. I want to go outside so bad. More walks. More bike rides. More running. Stop being a hermit. I need fresh air. Even at work. I just need to go and get my butt out of the back room during breaks and sit in the sun.

:: More time with God - spend more time with Him in my day to day activities. Explore the Bible. Read devotionals. Sing Hymns. Sit with God. Be with God. Love God.

:: Drink more tea less coffee - Sigh.

:: Listen to more music.

:: Eat clean.

:: Flexibility & strength - I need to work on my flexibility. I would love to be able to do the splits. So currently that is what I am working on. I need to stretch more. I need to remember to spend the time to take care of my body during the day. Strength. I need to work out so that my body can be all that it should be. Strong. Ready for anything. For any adventure. I need to find the discipline to "just do it." I need to care. I need to love it. It needs to be a priority.

:: Spend more quality time with friends. - the end.

:: Love with all my heart. Be the best that I can be. Enjoy life. Dance in the blessings. Dance in the rain. See the beauty in the rain. Try new things. Encourage always. Learn. Explore. Pray. Smile. Be. Enjoy today. Enjoy the moment.

I just need to remember to take it a day at a time. If I don't succeed the way I think I should have, then breathe and remember to just be the best that I can be today. Tomorrow is new. With no mistakes.

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