Sunday, January 27, 2013

In the Beginning...


On a cool, winter evening, I am sitting here at my desk, wanting to answer the most scary question I have had yet to find an answer for. How am I going to make a difference in this world? As a twenty two year old female, married to my husband for three years, I find myself living somewhat of a simple life.

...Family & Friends, knitting, music, books, films, photography, tea, crocheting, cooking, running, crafts, writing, art, fashion, serving customers...

Those are a few of my everyday interests. But even though I try to live everyday to the fullest, whether it means crafting the entire day away, or talking with people and ending my day off with an old film, I find myself wondering, "Was today worth it?" I know it is easy to figure out how I feel emotionally at the end of a day, it was good, it was horrible. But even on horrible days, can I find some beauty that was within that particular day? Did I live this day well? Did I create, sing, dance, rejoice, laugh, dream, wish, communicate, inspire? Am I making others smile? Did I make a difference?

Today is the day that I am putting my foot down. I want to create a place where I can rejoice in the "small" things, where I can create art without fear, dream without waking up, craft without fault, and play with every single colour of the rainbow when the sky outside is grey. And of course, photograph every single moment of it. 

I am claiming this place my own. A place to (hopefully) encourage, inspire, and awaken the dreams of you, my dear readers. A place where in some way, even if its a "small" way, we can (together) make a difference in this world.


The Sparrow 

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