Thursday, August 10

Attempting the Edmonton Corn Maze

Every year we try to head out to the Edmonton Corn Maze for an afternoon of corn, animals, and other assorted fun. This had to be the earliest we have ever made it out to the maze, and with friends in tow, we went out to conquer it. 

What we knew going in was that there were some pretty dark clouds circling us, but we decided to chance it anyways and see how much we could get done before the weather got worse. Besides, once you mention corn maze to Bug, there is no chance of changing her mind. She was so excited and continually boosted about how much she loved the corn maze. 
Wilbur! Or Babe! 
We only walked about three minutes in the corn maze before the rain started to fall. We waited a moment to see if it got any worse, and yes, yes it did. So we ran out of the corn maze and found shelter in a beautiful wooden barn. Husband grabbed coffee and kettle corn and we decided to make a picnic out of the rain - hoping that we could wait it out. The thunder and lighting show was amazing from our wooden shelter. Unfortunately, the storm only got worse and we decided that we would have to attempt the corn maze another day.

Even though it wasn't the afternoon that we had planned for, we still had a lovely time. Bug loved looking at all of the animals. She enjoyed bouncing on the trampoline and she loved climbing the hay bales. Later on during her nap time, Bug exclaimed how much fun she had the corn maze. That made me smile so big, it's funny how as an adult it is so easy to get caught up in the disappointment of missing out on something due to weather - yet to a three year old, it was all part of the adventure. She loved her afternoon, and hearing her say so made me love this day even more. Storm and all.

We will be back for sure. Besides, we have to get our yearly photo!

Wednesday, August 9

Farm Life

It has become a bit of a family tradition to sneak away from our city life and enter into farm mode for a week. Bug, Husband, and I had the privilege of taking care of the farm last week, for the third year in a row, and we had an absolute blast. There were kitties that needed loving, dogs that needed walking, cows that needed their noses scratched as well as to be fed, flowers to water, bugs to catch, and a lot of countryside to explore. We played with our water guns when the sun was shinning and jumped in puddles when it was raining. We crafted a little, read a lot, watched morning cartoons, and tried to fill our days full with new adventures and discoveries. We will never get tired of this place. This oasis.

I cannot believe this was our third year taking care of this farm. If you'd like to see past farm photos, click here & here. You can also see more of our farm photos from this year here & here. I was even offered the chance of looking after another farm this summer, but because both farms overlapped, I was unable to say yes to the second offer. I hope that maybe next year I can be the farm girl who babysits all of the farms - it would be an absolute dream.

Tuesday, August 8

Weekend Snippets

 Lazy Friday mornings waiting for the rain to stop. Puppy sleeping and morning cartoons. 
 Craft time and finally able to walk around the farm! 
 We will be jumping in those puddles later. Photos to come. :) 
Oh how I love foggy mornings! 
I was so happy that Bug woke up early enough to help me feed the cows. She has been sleeping in a lot this week. 
Cow friends. 
 Puppy walks and farm chores. 
 Such a pretty view. 
 Teaching a friend how to play Pandemic and even more pretty views. 
 Spider webs glisten with the morning dew. I have seen a lot of spider webs and pigs this weekend, it really makes me want to read Charlotte's Web again. 
Checking in on the cows and spending my last afternoon at the farm reading on the porch. 
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