Thursday, August 1

July Bits & Pieces

We spent two weeks at Mimi & Opa's house. It was such an amazing and relaxing time. The girls explored till they were tired. Bug baked some cookies for Opa. 
Ice play and country walks. Let's do this forever.
Walking hand in hand and making a wreath for Mimi.
Beautiful clematis and I love the colours on this garden walkway.
A selfie and a train photo.
Camping at Spray Lakes and I'm loving these photos so much.
Wagon rides and dinosaurs at the Calgary Zoo.
Settling in at home. Lego building and outdoor play.
Helping daddy build some legos and writing letters with Wally's help. 
Loving all the spiders around the house (seriously, no sarcasm here, we love spiders) and evening walks.
I found a cute dress and didn't buy it. What was I thinking? Back deck weaving!
Practicing to be a flower girl today! She did awesome!
Real wedding day! Eek we are so excited! Everything was so beautiful.
Pretty dresses. Pretty girls! What a good day!
Birdie helping me with my crochet project and Bug playing us some jams.
Water marble run fun outside! Making something yummy. It didn't end up turning out, but baking memories are now some of my favourites. We will be trying another recipe soon. 

Wednesday, July 31

Calgary Zoo Adventures

On our way home from our holidays we stopped in at the Calgary Zoo. It had been many years since I have been to this zoo, and with the Panda Bears visiting, we decided to visit too. Birdie has really been into animals and dinosaurs so I was really excited to see her reactions with this being her first zoo trip. Bug has always loved animals and I was super thrilled to see if her favourite animal would change based on the animals we saw while we were here.
Penguins! One of my favourite. We then decided to visit the dinosaurs first. The girls loved them and we enjoyed reading all of the signs and learning all about them. Also, the wagon rental is such a smart move!
Then we traveled towards the Dorothy Harvie Gardens and the Eurasia sections of the zoo. It started to rain on us at this point so I unfortunately was not able to get photos of all the animals, but these are the few I did manage to gather.
Camels had been Bug's favourite animal for a long time. Her reaction when she saw them was priceless. 
Panda Bears!!! 
After Eurasia we went in to see the butterflies! 
This is when my phone ran out of room and I was unable to take anymore photos! GAH! NO! haha. We did make it to Destination Africa before we had to leave (the zoo was closing) and that is where Bug fell in love with the giraffes and hippopotamus. The giggling that happened when the hippo out of the water to pee was contagious, she would not stop talking about it. She also loved how tall the giraffes were. Birdie loved all the birds that were free to roam around the zoo, eating all the food that they could find. She also really enjoyed the dinosaurs.

Now that I remember how lovely the Calgary Zoo is I cannot wait to go back. I want to start with the Canadian Wilds and make my way around the zoo in the opposite direction that we went this time. I would also love to take time in the actual gardens in the Dorothy Harvie Gardens. We skipped it because we were running low on time and we wanted to make sure we saw as many animals before the zoo closed. They also have some really nice looking playgrounds and an animal carousel that I know the girls would love. Last, but definitely not least, I am bringing my actual camera so that I don't have to worry about running out of room. Live and learn. This was such a nice time even if we didn't see it all. 
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