Monday, December 11

Project 365 : Days 40 - 46

40 : 365 - I couldn't wait anymore to unload the Christmas decorations, so today we pulled them out one by one. I had an amazing helper who was way more excited than I was, and her excitement rubbed off on me. We blasted the Christmas music, danced as we cleaned and put the decorations out, and figured out all of the things that we wanted to do this month. 
41 : 365 - One of Bug's favourite things to do is to dress Birdie. Bug picked out this little outfit for her with much enthusiasm. She drew on this onesie while Birdie was growing in my stomach, and it is so cool to now see her wearing it. 
 42 : 365 - We set up the tree! We set up the tree!! Decorating the tree is the best. And we already have our little traditions that makes so cool. Hubs does the lights, Bug and I decorate, and this year, Birdie watched all of it.  
 43 : 365 - A beautiful sunset greeted us after a lovely day. The sky has been so beautiful lately and I have been trying to get into the habit of showing it to Bug. These kinds of things I love and if Bug develops a love for it as well, oh that would be so lovely. She already sees the joy in all of the colours displayed and I want us to keep on looking for it. To never tire of something so simple, so stunning, so unique. 
 44 : 365 - We made cookies, a request from Bug. The recipe was definitely not my favourite, but because I have a great kid who doesn't mind and just rolls with it all, we had a blast. All of our cookies ended up broken, but they still tasted good. And you can still decorate a broken cookie. So as much as I was frustrated, Bug had a blast. And it made me remember to let certain things go and to see it as my kid does. (If you guys have a great sugar cookie recipe we would love for you to share it.) 
 45 : 365 - When my almost-four-year-old requests a rainbow on the inside, rainbow on the outside birthday cake - I do my best to deliver. I will post more about this soon, but this is me making rainbow cupcakes to turn into cake balls to place into her birthday cake! It was a tasty, colourful mess and even though I was covered with colour by the end, it was really fun. 
 46 : 365 - This is our Christmas Family Photo of 2017. We took a serious one and a more casual one. Which one is your favourite? Mine - the one where I am holding the coffee, because I need all the coffee! :) 

Monday, December 4

Project 365 : Days 29 - 35

29 : 365 - A sad day here. Bug got a fever and Birdie had her immunizations. The shots themselves were not too bad, then Birdie fell asleep and her legs stiffened up. That was hard. Lots of tears and crying, but thank goodness for swings and soft Totoro's to cheer the baby up. 
30 : 365 - She may be sick, but that doesn't stop her from smiling and making me laugh. We just found my old penny whistle and she was having a blast blowing on it and posing for pictures with it. Also, note her pants. She has been growing so much lately, the majority of her pants are too short. Time to go shopping!! 
31 : 365 - When friends come over with plans to make cookies, it always ends up as a fun time. Bug got to help her roll her batter in sugar and my house smelled amazing. Christmas time is here! 
32 : 365 - Our first Christmas puzzle of the season! I love that she still enjoys doing puzzles. She loved it when she was younger and then we took a really long break from puzzles. Now she is back into it and I cannot wait to pull out our family puzzle for this winter season. 
33 : 365 - First day using our Jesse Tree!! Love that advent has begun. Unwrapping the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp is absolutely gorgeous. I love looking at the pictures. Bug gets to have a colouring page every single day and she really likes putting the ornament on the tree. Husband and I have been taking turns reading out loud. I love how this is carving out intentional family time. 
34 : 365 - This is what my table looks like when I attempt to put Christmas up and purge everything else all at the same time. I am still sick, but that won't stop me from trying to be productive. Its kind of fun when the whole house is a mess. Kind of. 
35 : 365 - Plant TLC this morning while all three of my loves sleep. I was awoken early by Birdie, but she fell back to sleep after an hour of play and I was left alone. The plants are very happy now.

Friday, December 1

Making A Jesse Tree

A couple of months ago, my friend wanted to know if I was interested in making a Jesse Tree* with her. I always loved the idea of doing an advent that had more meaning, that had more depth, and that would give me something more to think about each day leading up to Christmas. So I was in. As the end of November neared, my friend figured out all of the measurements, and we went out and purchased the supplies needed. I then went over to her house for the weekend and we spent our time creating our trees, watching Once Upon A Time, and chatting. I was super glad that I was able to hang out with my friend and I was thankful that she was just as excited to create this project as I was. I love how each tree turned out, both having so much character - it is so nice to be able to see the something we made from nothing.

This Christmas season it is my goal to read to my family from the Greatest Christmas Family Read-Along Edition. It is a beautifully illustrated book written by Ann Voskamp, one of my favourite authors. I cannot wait to dive deeper this advent, to read scriptures to Bug and Birdie, and to fully embrace Him this season. "So that come Christmas Morning" I haven't missed the whole point, and that is Jesus Christ.

*A Jesse Tree is the family tree of Jesus starting with Jesse who is the father of David. The ornaments represent the events leading up to the birth of Jesus. 
The setup! Figuring out the layout for each branch and deciding if we want the star on the top. We voted no.
There is something so satisfying in having paint on my hand.
We painted our boards and stained our trunks (I forgot to take a picture of that) and left things to dry overnight.

The next morning! 
Putting holes into our boards so that we could screw in our hooks.
Gluing our boards to our trunks!
 Hers and Mine.
My tree with a printed ornament on it! So excited to start advent! And hers with her beautiful ceramic ornaments. Love, love, love this project!
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