Thursday, November 16

Bug's Room Tour

Today Bug and I are both extremely excited to show and share her "Big Sister" space with all of you. Her room has been an ever evolving space full of imagination, fun, and, well, everything that is "her". I have always wanted her to have a space that she felt was one hundred precent hers, a place that no matter how she was feeling she could find comfort in, a place that she wouldn't mind spending hours in, and a place that, of course, housed all of her teddybear friends. Her love for colours, Paw Patrol, art, butterflies, dressing up, and books shine bright in this space. It is filled with trinkets from travels and treasures from loved ones - I love how many memories sit in this one room. I hope you enjoy seeing her space.
 Girl with Flowers in her Hair Print - Art & Soul Creative Co
a souvenir from Japan
Post card wall from loved ones.
Her shelves may be one of the reasons the Husband thinks we have too many books - I cannot help but want to find all of the books that I loved as a child and fill her shelves with them. I also cannot wait for her to learn and find the joy in them for herself. 
I really hope you enjoyed viewing her space. If there is anything else that you want to know where we got it, please let me know, and I will find links. Some items I have had for years so they may no longer be available, but I will try hard to find something similar. xoxo

Monday, November 13

Project 365 : Days 8 - 14

8 : 365 - Cardboard boxes get more love than any piece of paper in this house. There is so much joy to be found when she can sit in it and create. We keep this box beside our fireplace, along side her sticker box and her crayon bag, just in case the need to make it prettier strikes. Also, she likes to eat her snacks in the box! :) 
9 : 365 - This yarn will take a while for me to ball up! haha, at least it is beautiful to look at! 
Going through our toys. I really like rotating toys, puzzles, and games in our living room. Especially if they are seasonal items. There is nothing better than remembering all the toys that we have or all of the Christmas puzzles yet to be build. It is so exciting to have a new batch of items living underneath our coffee table. 
10 : 365 - Some days are much slower. Birdie has been waking up every couple of hours and we are both exhausted. These slow days are filled with lots of tea, snuggles, peaceful songs, and swing time. 
11 : 365 - If Bug is ever having a grumpy moment, I ask her if she wants to go play or snuggle her sister.  Instantly her mood changes. She loves her sister so much. It was all about the floor snuggles until she came up with the idea of giving her sister a ride. She gently pulled the blanket around the house. 
12 : 365 - It is so weird to think that the last time she painted with this watercolour book was when Birdie was a week old. This was how we survived the first week, with easy art projects like this. Something that would entertain Bug but which didn't require a lot of adult help. She really loves painting. Her apples ended up being all different colours. 
 13 : 365 - Bug has been enjoying reading stories before bed lately (we go through phases) and one of the big ones that we have been reading is The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. She has been enjoying it. With tea in hand and Birdie on the floor, Hubs read a chapter, and we all imagined what it would be like to run in a crowded train station.
 14 : 365 - Playing trains with daddy before he goes away for a week. They were having a blast crashing the trains on the floor and using cars to help save them. Daddy-daughter dates are so important and they don't have to always be extravagant. Sometimes the best dates are at home.

Wednesday, November 8

So hi! Hello there!

Hi there. I felt like it has been a long time since I have said hello to you, dear readers, or attempted to truly connect with you. Life has a way of blurring together the days and I found myself today longing to connect deeper here. In this space with you. It has been a while since I have taken the time to write out anything that doesn't consist of me chattering on about my children or that isn't a DIY or home project. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love all of those things (especially the kiddos), but today I am craving something a bit more. Connection. Community.

The other day I found myself sitting on the floor at Cineplex and had many opportunities to connect with strangers who were walking by. I have missed that. Being able to find something in common with someone and just chat about it. I think that is what I have missed most about working retail. When both parties find that connection. We don't know each other's names, or history, or even how our days are going, but in that moment we bond as friends. I love that. It is my hope that as I write about my children, art projects, crocheting or knitting, or even showing you our travel photos, that I am, in a way, creating a bond, a way that you and I can converse and share stories over similar experiences. I want nothing more than to continue growing and learning, and I love sharing and telling stories, and I would love for this place to reflect just that. I know that it can be weird to connect with someone online, we don't really know each other (or do we?), and I thought that perhaps, if I took a moment to introduce myself to you, maybe we can find more ways that we could connect on. I would love nothing more than to use this space for connection, community, love, growth, stories, crafts, friendship, family, and more.

So hi! Hello there!

- My name is Emily. Ruth. Emily Ruth. My mother named me after both a song and a dragon. I don't have any talent for music, but I have a love for it, and I am pretty positive that I was destined to love fairy-tales, fantasy, dragons, and whimsy as soon as my mom named me Ruth. Bonus points if you know the author who created and penned Ruth.

- I am a wife of eight years to the love of my life and a Mommy of two - Bug (short for Lovebug) and Birdie (no, these are not their real names). You will often see their body parts around this space.

- I have been told that I am a dreamer. I used to take offence to this label, but you know what, its completely accurate. I am a dreamer. You will find me lost in thoughts more often than not. You will find me dreaming of traveling, of owning an acreage, of getting lost in forests, and of making this blog even better. I also dream of writing a book. I sometimes dream up too much too fast that the thought of even making anything a reality becomes overwhelming.

- I am a sponge. I often get caught up in other people's emotions. Whether that is sadness, joy, or excitement (I usually don't get caught up with anger) I tend to soak up what other people are feeling very easy. If someone is excited by something, I want and am excited by it too. If you are sad, I will be sad too. I feel emotions deep, and sometimes it takes a while for me to shake them off.

- I would rather have an "awkward" conversation of how I have upset someone than never know what I have done to offend. I have had many experiences where things were left unmentioned too long that they boiled out of control. That is one of my biggest fears, that I will never be given a chance to explain myself or to see where I went wrong or try and fix a situation. I never mean to upset or offend.

- On the note of fears, I am continually working on both my anxiety and my fear! Some days are harder than others, but I am learning to pray more, to listen to His voice, not my own, and I am learning to cast all of my fears aside. Its a battle, but its one I am going to win. Thank you, Jesus!

- I have learned recently that my biggest life goal is to create a place where people can come over and feel at home, especially children. Growing up I had a home away from home like that. There was a house in my small community that all the kids would go. We would hang out and play and sometimes we were even given chores. I loved that feeling. I felt like I was part of the community and it easily became a safe place to go outside of my own home. I want my own home to reflect that now. I want children to feel like they can come over anytime, any day and know that I am here for them. I want to be their Aunty Em.

- I often crave and long to be surrounded in nature! And when I don't get the chance to be immersed in it, I tend to get kind of gloomy. I really love flowers and plants.

- I have a vivid imagination. Its a good and bad thing. I enjoy reading and writing stories for this reason. I love playing with my three-year old because I can definitely see the world that she sees. However, I often create problems and arguments (internally) and start worrying about things that don't exist. I appreciate my husband for that, he can bring me back down to earth by asking a couple of questions.

haha, wow.

I think I have forgotten how much joy I get when I write out my thoughts. I definitely want to do this more often and I honestly hope you have enjoyed reading it. I hope that by learning a little more about me that we can create a foundation for connection. I want this blog to be a true outlet of my life. I will talk about my kids, share photos of our experiences, you will see glimpses of my daily life. But I also need to remember how much joy I get when I write. I want to get over my "they will never read that" fear and just be open, sort out those thoughts and write. I want to build up camaraderie over more than just craft projects - don't worry, there will still be lots of craft projects, that is a true love of mine. I ultimately want this to be a true Be Emily space but I also want this space to be a place where we can connect. I would love to make a difference in someones life even if just for a minute. I want to make people laugh, inspire them with a project, feed their curiosities by how we live our lives or if we travel, feed their curiosities about that.  I want to connect deeper here. So this is where I choose to start.
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