Wednesday, October 18

Homemade Paintbrushes

Art projects have become quite a regular at our house lately. I love that I can set up something on the table for Bug to do and she can sit and play at it for however long she likes. Whether its with beads, play-doh, colouring, or paint - she loves having that time to just create. We have been doing so many things and I am sure we will be posting about them all (or most of them) soon.

Lately she has been very interested in playing with paint. She enjoys painting with watercolours and has been asking how to make all the colours. She already knows the formula to make purple, orange, and green, but she started asking how to make all of the other colours (including white, haha). So I started pulling out the paint and getting her to experiment with mixing two colours together or showing her what happens when adding black or white to a colour. She has been really enjoying it, especially when she lets go of the paintbrush and just uses her hands instead. I want her to have fun when it comes to these kinds of projects and we really have no end goal in mind expect to have fun. If she asks a question, I will answer or show her, and we learn together, however, if she just wants to get messy, we go for it. Sometimes we end up with paint on our forehead and it makes us laugh.

A couple of days ago, just to keep the excitement going and to add something new to her, I decided to create all new paintbrushes for her to play with. At first she seemed really confused by what I was asking, but once she realized that I truly meant for her to paint with a stick, flower, and other fun items, she got excited and started to play.
Using clothespins as the handle, I went around the house and grabbed items that I thought would be fun for her to use. I used yarn, pipe cleaners, flowers, a piece of plant, feathers, twine, a paintbrush, a pinecone, a stick, and a little orange craft ball. I clipped them in place, got some paint for her, and told her to start out by drawing lines - just to see what she thought of them and to see if there was any difference with the lines she made. 
Once her lines were complete she told me that painting with the feather was her favourite because it was soft. She also told me that painting with the pinecone scared her because a piece of it broke off - she didn't "know that would happen". haha. The picture below is the finished lines.
After she was done testing them all out, she wanted to paint a different picture using the feather paintbrush, a regular paintbrush and her hands. So we did.
Painting with her is so much fun. I love that she enjoys being creative with me and doesn't mind that I ask her to do silly things like paint with a flower. It is my hope to make some veggie stamps for her soon so that she can see the fun in that. Let me know if there are any other fun things we can do with paint. I enjoy looking at Pinterest for ideas, but if there are any projects that you, dear readers, have used yourself and loved, I would really like to hear about them. We don't mind being creative, we don't mind getting messy, and we definitely don't mind having fun. xo 

Monday, October 16

Weekly Snippets

 Baby feet under a cozy blanket and I am attempting to make socks again, hopefully correctly this time. Cut up pieces of bread for a yummy cheese appetizer for our Friendsgiving! (It was the only picture I took the entire evening, haha) 
 Busy cleaning the house before my parents come over for turkey supper. The fall decorations on the mantel are making me very happy.
 Bug's first pumpkin creation, she designed this face all by herself and I think she did an amazing job! And pretty fall colours in my mini garden. I am smitten with this time of year. 
 Started reading Persuasion by Jane Austin - now just need to find time to continually pick it up. Baby snuggles and little fingers. I am thinking of nicknaming her Birdie - it just rolls off the tongue better than Lion does. 
The Paw Patrol are making sure that the baby doesn't roll off the couch! haha. Bug is such a great big sister. Bug has been begging to begin working on her school book again, so we finally pulled it out of our cupboard. Working on lowercase "e".
We went on a family walk without the husband, but we had a baby bear friend! Bug really wanted to push him in her stroller, so we did.
 Every couple of minutes we would have to stop to check and see if Bear was doing okay. haha. Pretty fall colours.
 She is loving her piano lessons so much! I love hearing her play and sing. When a project first doesn't work out, try, try, try again! I feel like my theme during pregnancy was to make projects that I would end up "frogging." Ugh!
 Pinecone art from Bug!
 Bear is my third child apparently! I need to make sure that he isn't crying! Thankfully Bug is the one in charge of his diapers and feeding him. Making turkey potpies at 11:30pm - I am part awesome and part crazy!
Early morning baby snuggles!! Love, love, love these moments.

Friday, October 13

For The Love Of Fall

Fall is my absolute favourite time of year. There is nothing more magical and splendid to me than experiencing the sharp coolness of the air by morning and warmth of the sun come afternoon. To start bundling up, needing to wear socks, and have many family snuggles under layers of blankets. I enjoy watching as the world changes colour - greens transforming into yellows, reds, purples, and oranges. I like seeing pumpkins everywhere. I like having a cozy excuse to burn my candles and the thought of lighting my fireplace for the first time makes me excited. The air hints of snow and the excitement of Christmas will soon be upon us. Yes, this is my favourite time of year.

Right now I feel like my days are combining together in one tired, but beautiful blur. For those of you who do not know, we welcomed our second daughter only three weeks ago. There has been so much new, and balance, and life, and learning, and loving that the days have combined into what feels like one big, beautiful, long day. I feel like only now have I been able to peek my head out of the clouds and remember how much I enjoy this season. There are so many things that I want to do, create, enjoy, and experience with both girls before the weather gets too cold. The struggle of trying to find the energy to do all of the things has hit me today, but rather than being overwhelmed by it all, by trying to do it all too fast, I am attempting to figure out the baby steps that I need. How can I start the process of loving this time of year slowly, but have it be filled with the same magic and meaning as it has had in the past?

The first step, that I can think of, to start feeling cozy would be to drink all the fall inspired drinks. This is something that I can easily incorporate into our home regardless of the time of day or what we have going on. The thought of hot chocolates, apple ciders, and chai teas make me so excited and the thought of sharing them with Bug makes me even more so. Coming home from a cold walk - let's make a hot chocolate. Reading a book - let's make a tea. I am so ready to start feeling cozy! And making a drink, or two, or three, seems like such an easy way to do so.

A couple years ago on the blog I posted three Fall Inspired drinks that I enjoyed then and that I still enjoy today. I would love nothing more than to share them with you once more. Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte, Mexican Hot Chocolate, and Thai Inspired coffee. I hope that they can fill your home up with coziness and comfort as they have done for me in the past. I cannot wait to make them again and I cannot wait to come up with new recipes to share with you all.

There are also so many awesome fall inspired drinks that I have found online that I want to try, including the Spiced Caramel Apple Cider and the Crock Pot Cranberry Apple Cider. I also really want to find a recipe for Butterbeer and to recreate (I made it once) Pumpkin Juice. Let me know if you have any fall drinks that you are currently loving, any recipes that you are willing to share, or if there are any fall drinks that you would like to see me create. Enjoy. xoxo
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