Friday, June 23

Becoming Four

We have some exciting news! I have mentioned this news already in a couple of places on the internet, however, I would like to think of this post as our official announcement. We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of baby number 2 in September! Yay! Oh man, our little family is growing and we could not be more happy and more excited by it. Bug wants to meet her baby sister or brother so badly. 

We have found out the baby gender, but since we couldn't see things 100% clearly, we are just telling friends & family the gender - just in case. Or maybe that would be funny to blog about - us expecting one gender, with the chance of getting another. haha. Not too sure. Maybe I will tell. I am sure you will all be able to figure it out by future posts and photographs that I will add on this blog. I really can't keep secrets for long periods of time. 

Bug has already been telling me how much she is going to help me. She wants to help with bum changes, bath time, reading stories, nap time, and eventually feeding the baby some food. She already sings and tells the baby stories by placing her head over my stomach, getting as close to baby as she possibly can. She has already picked out names for the baby: Turtle Pop if it is a girl and Froggy Hop if it's a boy. And she doesn't think the baby will cry at all. haha, think I need to prepare her more for that one. 

All in all, we are super excited about the changes that will happen in September. So many good things are coming, so many more adventures, so many more memories. We cannot wait to meet you, little one. 

Additional Facts: 
- We found out that we were pregnant before we traveled to Japan. Let's just say that I have to go back so that I can actually eat some sushi. 
- Early pregnancy exhaustion is part of the reason I stopped blogging for a while. 
- This pregnancy has been very similar to Bug's so far. I was a little more sick with this pregnancy than with hers, and I definitely got sore quicker (yay, hips!) - which apparently happens with pregnancy number 2! I am also still so exhausted, but that is probably the combination of being pregnant and watching Bug & Little. 
- Sadly, because our family is changing, we won't be having Little with us from Monday - Friday. It will be so sad losing her, but we hope to keep on seeing her through special dates, sleep overs, family activities, and more. Bug & Little have become amazing friends and I definitely do not want them to miss out on each other. With that being said, I really look forward to spending some mommy & Bug bonding time while we wait for baby to come. 
- I have already started waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom! Gah! This is going to make summer camping plans fun. haha. 
- I have been craving salty over sweet. Just cannot seem to have enough popcorn, chips, and pickles. 
- Weird to think that I was in Oman when I was this pregnant with Bug. 

Thursday, June 22

Surrounded by Creativity + Product Photography

Over the last several months I have been feeling creatively drained. I haven't reached for my crocheting in an awfully long time, my camera has been sitting out collecting dust, even my blog has suffered from lack of writing. I have longed for and loved the idea of getting back into the swing of everything, but with lack of energy and creative oomph, I took a very long break from it all.  

Fortunately, I have formed a circle of friends who are amazing, creative human beings here in Alberta. They have filled my heart and brain with their thoughts, goals, and ideas. I have seen their projects become something over time, coming to life, and bringing joy to others. I have enjoyed talking about a certain craft and project with these women, and even though I have not yet picked up a hook, I have been feeling the inspiration to be a maker again. This community that we have created here, whether formed in person or online, has been so crucial to my creativity break. It fed me when I was tired, and now it is filling me with excited passion to make something from nothing once more. 

One thing I have been blessed to do, during this time off away from creative things, was to take photographs of some of the lovely baby blankets that my friend had been making. Wanting to make a portfolio for herself, and me, completely longing to use my camera again, we became the perfect team one afternoon. With tea in hand, music in the background, and awesome props to use, we documented two baby blankets, and I rediscovered my love for product photography. I hope you enjoy. 
Above is a lovely chevron blanket. 
Below is a gorgeous hexagon pieced blanket.

Wednesday, June 21

What Bug Has Been Loving Lately

 Riding her bike and playing in dirt. 
 Planting flowers with friends. 
The zoo is one of her favourite places. She loves that she can pet animals, watch animals, and go on the train. Last time we were there we celebrated the birthday of our Little, and both girls blew me away by walking around without needing strollers or wagons. They are getting so big!
Collecting flowers and getting faster on her balance bike. 
Helping with cookies and playing with letters.  

Some of the Things That She Has Been Loving Lately :

- She loves to explore. Asking to go on a walk is a daily occurrence.
- She loves helping and being involved in whatever it is that I am doing. She enjoys doing her chores and she loves watching and helping me with meals.
- She loves to plant, collect, and smell the flowers. Flowers are her love language and she loves being around them.
- Riding her balanced bike has become a huge favourite since we bought her a helmet. She is getting faster every time she goes out and she continually talks about how much faster she wants to become.
- If you listen closely, you will hear her say hello to the ants and explain her actions to the birds.
- One of her favourite places is the zoo. She loves to watch and learn about animals.
- Her biggest accomplishment at the moment has been mastering the climbing wall at the park. She loves to climb and being able to do it without the help from mommy & daddy is huge. I managed to take a video of her climbing without help and she loves to show everyone she can.
- When she wants some extra daddy snuggles or after a long day of going, going, going, she will ask if she can either watch or help daddy play Zelda.
- She loves getting mail. We are in the process of trying to learn how to enjoy sending mail also.
- Singing and dancing is another daily occurrence. Her favourite song to sing is How Far I'll Go from Disney's Moana or she will make up the song.
- She loves to learn and she loves to ask questions.
- She loves to read.

What is your favourite ... Answered by Bug

Favourite Colour : Pink
Favourite Animal : Elephants
Favourite Thing to do : Climbing at the park.
Favourite Tv Show : Paw Patrol
Favourite Movie : The Little Mermaid
Favourite Disney Princess : Ariel 
Favourite Song : Little Sir Echo
Favourite Cereal : Fruit Loops
Favourite Book : it's just so hard to pick one!
Favourite Vegetable : Pickles
Favourite Fruit : Pineapple
Favourite Flower : The little ones that turn into strawberries. 
Favourite thing to do with mommy : Going on walks. 
Favourite thing to do with daddy : Playing Zelda.
What do you want to be when you grow up : a bunny. 
What are you really good at : building with wood and fixing the car. 
Who is your best friend : Foxy. 
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