Monday, March 19

What We've Been Up Too

Several weeks ago now, we took the girls to see the Ice Castle here in Edmonton with family and friends. It was such a fun experience, I am so glad we went. Bug still continually chats about the donuts and all the slides that she and her best friend went down. We will definitely be attending next year. 

This past week our youngest, who we affectionately call Birdie (or I do, at least), started teething while we were sleep training her. Needless to say, I barely slept for a while there - so happy that two little teeth came through and she is now much happier. It has been a busy, crazy week yet filled with so many precious, awesome moments that I cannot help but smile at what all happened. During the days, when I was functioning at the same speed as a sloth, we read a lot, I knitted a lot, and I allowed myself not to feel guilty over the fact that laundry seemed to be taking over my house. During the busy times, I am learning to come with to peace with the idea that being a superhero mom simply means snuggling and loving those girls with all that I have. Nothing else. 

Bug (Lovebug), our eldest daughter, has been learning to read these past several weeks. She loves sounding out words and writing words and playing with anything that has to do with words. We have little phonics books that she has been reading out loud - it has been so much fun that we created a reading chart with her and she is addicted to the idea of getting her ice-cream all coloured up. We finished our ladybug puzzle, which if you follow us on Instagram, you would have seen all of the stories that we took during the craziness of that. We also had some lovely, sunny weather so we got to enjoy our backyard again. 

It has been a very good, but crazy, but awesome, but tiring week and I am in love with it all. 

Tuesday, March 6

Frozen Water Balloons Part Two

We have been having a really cold winter this year. This brings back so many childhood memories of how winters in Alberta were like when I was a child. Cold with lots and lots of snow. Bug and I saw a stretch of many days where it was below -20 so we thought this was a great opportunity to try out the frozen water balloon activity again. We did this activity before, but we were to eager to open them up that they didn't have a chance to freeze completely. With the cold weather keeping us inside and having them buried by all the snow we kept getting, we continually forgot about the balloons. 
They definitely froze solid and the texture that they had within was so neat. Bug and I were pretty happy with this result and very happy that we tried it again. I would love to see a yard that has more than 30 of these spread out - maybe one year I will try that out. Next we waited till it was dark and grabbed some little candles to place on top. I love creating and experiencing moments like this - when Bug just stops and watches, and I am curious if she will even remember this years to come. This is the kind of magic that I like to create. 
Thank you so much for reading. Let me know if you decide to try this activity out, I would love to hear your thoughts on it. xoxo 

Tuesday, February 27

What We Have Been Up Too Lately

Hi, hello there! It has been a while since I have found myself collecting pictures and sitting in front of the computer. I feel kind of rusty, a little hesitant. Wanting to share from my heart and show what we have been up too. I am learning more and more about patience on myself, letting go of scheduled expectations, and finding the peace and joy in sharing what I can, when I can. So hi! How are you? 

We have been taking advantage of warm weather and playing with many kinds of art supplies. We have gone to the library twice and have found some new favourite books. We tried our frozen water balloons activity again. Bug has been helping me in the kitchen more and more and I have been finding time to knit. We have worked on puzzles, practiced the piano, hung out with family and friends. Here is a glimpse of what we have been up too lately. Also, if you follow me on Instagram, every once in a while I will share moments of our day on my Instagram Stories. That is where I grabbed all of the little photos from! :) 
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