Tuesday, August 14


Making: I am currently knitting rainbow socks for Bug and the Jamie Shawl by Cozy Up Knits for future campfire coziness. The socks have been a request from Bug, my eldest, for an extremely long time. We had been on a mad hunt for the "perfect rainbow yarn" and found it by Bunny & Toot. Now that I have completed the Find Your Fade Shawl (more on that soon), I have been working hard to get these socks finished so that Bug can wear them - she is so excited. The Jamie Shawl is also such a fun knit and one that I aim to do at night or when I want to work on a larger project. The yarn I am using (I have no idea the brand!) I got years ago, and it is going to make snuggling by a fire so lovely on cooler fall evenings.

Cooking: I really do enjoy cooking. I do. I just really don't like it when there is no plan and I am trying to come up with meals the day of. That I could go without. I have been working on hard on trying to find my creative spark when it comes to meal-planning, prepping, and cooking. Some weeks are definitely better than others, but I have found that I enjoy it more when I use less processed and more fresh, whole ingredients. 

Drinking: I am drinking all the coffee and caffeinated tea that I can. My youngest is learning to sleep better at night - we have been yo-yoing all over the place since our holidays and now being back at home! I was finding myself absolutely exhausted and becoming impatient quite quickly these past few weeks. So I am hoping for more hours of sleep and I cannot wait too feel more like myself. Until then, COFFEE! 

Reading: So far this year I have read 25 books! It took me so long to get back into reading and now it is one of my favourite ways to end the night. I am currently in the middle of The Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adam and it is way too fun. It is such an easy read, however, it makes me laugh out loud. Before hitchhiking it through the galaxy, however, I was really enjoying the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak made me cry! I have also really been enjoying tracking my books and page count on Goodreads. It is so addicting! 

Looking: For all of the blessings in my every day. Man, it is so easy to get caught up with the day or to focus on the negative. I am choosing and trying to remember just how lucky I am and how thankful that I get two awesome girls to play with daily. I want to remember to count my blessings and to look for all the things, big and small, that make me smile, that amaze me, and that fill me with joy. 

Playing: Everyday there is a new game to play with the girls. Some days we are fighting aliens with our shooter guns, then we are artists colouring in parks, and on others we are looking for lions with our binoculars. Then the girls get tired of me and they begin playing with each other, or scaring each other, or trying to chase each other. My youngest is almost 11 months, so she is crawling, but she gets a lot of the games already and it is so fun watching her trying to keep up with the 4 1/2 year old. I especially love it when she tries to scare Bug. It is so much fun watching them play together. 

Enjoying: I took a lot of apps off of my phone (basically turning my smart phone into a dumb one) at the beginning of summer, because I saw how easy it was for me to become distracted on it. I made the choice to use my computer more, to be more intentional when I peruse the web or Facebook, and to set time aside for that purpose. By eliminating how easy everything was to access on my phone, I have found that I have way more time for all the things I wanted to do - like reading. Since I no longer go on Instagram and Facebook while I nurse, I have been reading books - this makes me so happy and it has become my quiet time of choice. I have really been enjoying the freedom and I will be continuing it into the fall. 

Wondering: I am wondering what September is going to look like. Bug is off to Kindergarten and Birdie will turn 1. Nothing and everything will be the same. I foresee new schedules, new opportunities, and new adventures. Its exciting and nerve wracking and I love the idea of it all. I am ready for change and growth, and yet not at all. It is such an exciting time for us and I want to embrace it all as much as I possibly can.

Loving: We have just come back from our family holidays. Two full weeks away from our home: one at a farm and one in our original hometown of Lethbridge. The weeks were full of playing, laughter, some bumps and bruises, but so much quality family time. I love all of the memories that we have created and all of the time the girls got to spend with their daddy. It was such a great time - photos to come. :) 

Hoping: We have been making lots of awesome future travel plans and I am making lists full of our hopeful adventures. It is so hard being patient some times. Usually when the craving hits, I just want to grab my family, our passports, the camera, and go overseas - but real life isn't like that. At least not for us. So here I am. Sitting, making lists, and hoping that in the next few years we can cross off several places.

Smelling: I am smelling all the fall scented candles and scentsy! Fall scents are my absolute favourite and I feel like my house feels more homey when it smells like apples and pumpkins. Plus, in some odd way, I feel more relaxed, inspired, and productive. A win, win, win! This is so much better than hoarding them until its actually autumn. My house may forever smell like this now. So happy. 

Listening: Our youngest, Birdie, has really gotten into the soundtrack from the Greatest Showman. She loves to dance to several of their songs so we have incorporated the beginning three songs into our bedtime routine. I love how happy she gets when she hears the music and then how quickly she starts rubbing her eyes afterwards. It makes me so happy to think how much we are influencing our children by the music we encourage them to listen too.     

Feeling: I am feeling very content and very inspired. I love going away on holidays and I love coming home again. All of the mundane chores are exciting again and I have a little to-do list of craft projects that I want to complete before September. I feel as if we have started a new chapter in our lives (the one after the summer holidays but before kindergarten starts) and it feels like we are settling into it with joy, gumption, and the spirit of making the absolute most out of everything. 

Monday, July 16

Bits & Pieces

Something was hidden inside this egg and Bug worked so hard to get it out. 

Hello Everyone. We have had a rather busy month this time around. Between traveling South to see my parents, hosting family for Canada Day, and traveling up North twice, I feel like I have been walking around with my head chopped off. It has been so good seeing everyone, and yet I feel like I barely had a chance to really visit with anyone, because, quite frankly, I am so exhausted. Even now, when I am home, I cannot even remember what a "normal" home schedule feels like - been too busy flying around I have forgotten how to settle down. haha With all that being said, it has been a lot of fun. A lot of memories have been made and a lot of adventures have been had. Plus, it is pushing me to question and figure out a lot of things that have been weighing on me as of late. I have been changing the way I normally do things and striving to find a better fit for me and my family. I am learning how to let go of certain things, I am trying hard not to overthink or assume that I know what people are thinking. It kind of sounds silly now that I have written it down, but this month has probably been one of happiest that I have been mentally!! I may touch more on this later, but for now, we are busy and we are happy! Here is a glimpse into last months adventures. xo
Visiting my parents down in the countryside - so needed. Our stay there was NOT long enough. 
We have been spending a lot of time playing with water in the backyard. 
Bug has been practicing how use the breaks on her bike! At first she was so timid, now she is getting the hang of it and riding so fast. 
Finally bought a baby gate for Birdie. She has figured out how to climb stairs, but not how to descend. 
We have been figuring out the best way to utilize the girls room. Definitely think we have got it figured out for the most part. I will be posting more photos of their room soon! 
Summer piano practice and playing new games. I love these slower moments. 
Making salad with grandma and drinking a Canada Day Hot Chocolate. 
Mini Golf on Canada Day for the win! Bug did so good. Birdie fell asleep in the carrier. We were giggling over all the monsters on this golf course. 
I have almost finished the Find Your Fade Shawl!! And Starwars themed baby food is the best!!! Birdie will realize just how cool I am one day! haha
Birdie is growing at a much faster speed than her sister so we had to get her a new carseat. Also, Bug's drawings keep getting cuter and cuter. This one is of her eating rainbow popcorn while wearing dinosaur slippers. <3 
Pretty highway scenery. 
Great giraffe drawings and the fade is finished! I will be talking more of the Find the Fade Shawl after I give it to my MIL. It is so pretty I want to keep it forever. 
Lego builds and park dates!
When a friend invites you out on a picnic and brings cake and makes you giggle and just enjoys spending time with you - you know you've got a good one. Bug and I (and Birdie too) are so blessed by our friends. 
Homemade sushi!!! The husband treats me well. And since I have finished one major knitting project I was able to pull out my winder and wind up Bug's awesome rainbow yarn from Bunny & Toot!! 
Eye candy!!
Started the sock and Birdie REALLY loves to swing!! 
She also really likes sand. Park dates are super fun now that she is old enough to enjoy it. 

Monday, June 25

Quilts and Walks

I love going home. I grew up in this place, in this country space. And now that I have lived in the city for so many years, I find myself being drawn more and more back here. I am getting weary of hearing neighbours screams and listening to yet another siren. I want to hear the leaves whisper, the birds sing, to see the amazing beauty that country land can offer. I want quilt picnics forever, laundry hung up on the line daily, walks that are provided with no fear of traffic. I am missing and craving my childhood home. Hopefully, one day, I will have a space like this that I can call my own, but in the meantime, I will try hard to remember just how much I need this place. My childhood home, the countryside, the quiet. 
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