Monday, September 18

Weekend Snippets

Casting on some socks using Vivid yarn! So PRETTY!! I also attempted to block my husband's Oiler scarf (it was curling a lot by the end)- we will see how it turns out! I may have to rip it out and try again, but I am really hoping blocking will work.
 We got a new activity book that Bug has called her Paw Patrol School Book - it has some awesome puzzles in it for her. Music school homework! I love hearing her and her daddy sing songs together. 
 Popcorn and movie night! First time watching Aladdin with Bug, she loved it!
 Park date. It was a beautiful, warm afternoon and we attempted to walk the baby out. We failed, but we had a lovely time anyways. 
 This is the first time she has ever tried following the step by step instructions. She only got stuck a couple of times and managed to make an adorable dragon! Meanwhile I am ripping out my socks because I didn't read the pattern correctly. Thank goodness for friends who can tell me right away that something doesn't look right! 

Monday, September 11

Weekend Snippets

Decorating for Fall!! I love this time of year. My house looks and smells like autumn goodness!
Look at the amazing Farmer's Market zucchini! I cannot wait to turn it into chocolate zucchini loaf! Bug and Opa and Mimi have been working on some pretty awesome t-shirts! 
Giggly bug after music lessons and a teaser of the IKEA loot. 
Boys bonding over construction! 
She has a new bed!! We may do a room tour soon!! 
Light night knitting sessions with Cozy Up with the Stitchin' Sisters podcast and double checking that our hospital bag is packed and ready to go for the millionth time. 

Thursday, September 7

Baby Chevron Blanket

I am so excited to be able to share that I finished the baby's chevron blanket a couple of days ago! I have been trying to rest and relax, instead of working myself too hard trying to get the unimportant "things" done, and have found that by crocheting, I can force myself to believe I am doing both. Relax and get a baby blanket made. 

I really enjoyed making this blanket for our little one coming soon! I think the best part about making this project is how much my husband was enjoying the process as well. Normally, other than maybe remarking on colours, he doesn't get involved with the craft projects I have going on. With this project, however, not only did he like to be involved with the colours, but he enjoyed helping with sizing and boarder choice! It was a lot of fun having him comment and help me. All I have to do now is hand wash it and then get some cute little photographs of the baby laying on it when they do decide to come!! 
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