Wednesday, December 4

October & November Bits & Pieces


Beautiful weather calls for chalk time!
Funky hair for family bowling!
She won the game! Then we celebrated with some yummy food!
Husband learned how to make another delicious Japanese meal. Park giggles.
We may be a little excited about potential upcoming snow!
Finding pretty leaves. Working on some toques for an upcoming Christmas market. 
Pumping up her bike tires! Almost finished with one of our books for school!
Cute monster guys!
Christmas market prep done! Whew!
Pretty flowers and working on reading a lot of books on my TBR. The Library is so wonderful!
Reading another Dragon Masters book. For science Bug had to build a habitat and create a creature. The creation is above, Colourmon, and its habitat is below. She decided that during seasonal changes, his fur would change colour to match the changes around him so that he could camouflage. His den is below, where he sleeps at night, and Bug spent such a long time building it. 


Pretty flower wreath for a baby shower! She is playing with her dolls again.
Making socks for a new baby!
Pretty flowers and outdoor play. I am so thankful that both girls love playing in the snow.
Reorganizing and cleaning out the basement to make it a usable space.
Got a new haircut!! Aiming to get this blanket done this month.
Bug is strong! That is hard work. Science taste testing experiment. 
New blooms. We watched Frozen 2 in theatres and absolutely loved it!! Birdie wanted to hold Olaf's hand. Hs is her favourite. 
Making pretty paper chains to decorate the house with. Pretty Christmas lights. 
The tree is lit!! 
She is playing Christmas music and I am in love! Some of these plants are looking pretty rough, we were learning about what a plant needs. Turns out the DO need water and sunlight. Now we are trying to bring them back to life.
One project done. Another started! 

Tuesday, December 3

August & September Bits & Pieces


Morning play time. Chalk play. Love seeing the chalk creations. 
Knitting and snuggling. Playdoh play!
Pretty flowers. I definitely want to try to plant these this Spring. 
Collecting rocks and accidentally making monsters to match pjs. 
Friends holding hands. Friends playing sand. 
Trying to take notice and time to enjoy my favourite things.
Summer yard play!
Guitar lessons. 
She is almost finished the first book in the Dragon Masters series. Birdie is not very gentle with the game! haha 
Pretty flowers everywhere.
Being brave on new toys. Lego creations!
Time at the farm is one of the best times! Feeding cows some grass!
Freedom to run! 
Sunflower Love! 
Painting with the girls!
Birdie fell in love with Spiderman. Building puzzles with friends.
Slug Love forever! Our yard is full of them!


Starting school with science projects.
Books to read and window play. Oh, and lots and lots of tea.
Math and science. Bug is having a great time with all of these projects. 
Learning to mend. Learning to not throw away something because of a simple hole.
School work and crochet go hand in hand. 
Look at all those roots!! Working on another love blanket. 
Decorating for autumn! Relearning how to drive!
Science outside and chalk time!
We got some rainbow shoe laces in the mail! Finding cool things at the park!
Making muffin and finding blossoms. 
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