Thursday, September 17

Memories // Cows & Sunflowers

Another memory from 2019 was our weekend trip to the farm. Oh my goodness, I miss this place, it has been way too long. This particular weekend was filled with family, cows, farm chores, eating good food, puddles,  crafting, and sunflowers. Lots of beautiful sunflowers! 

The girls loved feeding the cows, they giggled whenever they got slobbered on. Bug (my oldest) really loved being part of all the farm action. She wanted to help with mowing the lawn, she fascinatingly watched as the farm boys poured cement, she even helped deliver snacks to them through-out the day. She wanted to do everything. Monkey (my youngest) stayed close to me. At this time, we still didn't know that she had a gluten allergy, so she was not feeling the best and had very low energy. But she loved the cows, she loved going on the side-by-side, she loved her lego! She also liked finding the salamanders and petting the farm kitties. I cannot wait to take her back there now that she is off gluten. I want to see her run with excitement. 
This was a great weekend. I cannot wait for new farm adventures, hopefully sooner than later. We miss the cows, we miss our family members, we miss those beautiful sunflowers, and the wide open spaces to run in. xo 

Wednesday, September 16

Photo Every Hour : A Glimpse Into Our Day

8 am - My morning starts with coffee. Always. I hoped to get to some reading in the morning, but that ended up not happening. Too many things to do. 
9 am - Morning piano makes us very happy. I love hearing the house fill with music first thing.

10 am - Today was supposed to be a run day, but I had to give this bike a try! So happy with it. I am also listening to Caraval by Stephanie Garber and am liking it so far. 
11 am - Crochet projects and math work. We like to work on our projects together in the same room.
12 pm - Theirs and hers lunch. Lunch is always a very casual time for us, but I found myself giggling as I made three different types of sandwiches today.  
1 pm - Bug is reading an adapted version and I am reading the full story of A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. She is going to finish before I do. I am only on chapter three and she has three more chapters left. 
2 pm - Outside chalk play. Our deck was quickly filled with castles, ice-cream, and fireworks.
3 pm - We went for a little neighbourhood walk. I was hoping to stumble upon some geese, but we found a puddle and some pretty weeds instead. Getting outside for fresh air has helped our mental moods so much.
4 pm - Craft time for Monkey while the big sister is busy with her virtual piano class. 
5 pm - Supper prep took a whole hour! I didn't mind though, knowing that it's going to be delicious. 
6 pm -  I made this bowl again. 
7 pm - Bedtime snuggles with the little one, while the older one worked on a school project with daddy. Its very rare that I get to spend one on one time during bedtime. I really liked all the giggles I was getting out of her.  
8 pm - The girls are asleep so its time for me to work. Learning about new computer systems, reading lots of paperwork,  and preparing for a great homeschool year. 
9 pm - My books keep calling to me, but I must work on! Which lasted for an additional fifteen minutes. I ended up closing my computer, got ready for bed, and read some more of A Little Princess - I have to catch up after all. xo 

Monday, September 14

Memories // A Summer Wedding at Pine & Pond

Our oldest was asked to be a flower girl for a wedding last summer and it was such a magical time. I had never been to the venue before, but Pine & Pond was absolutely gorgeous and our excitement continued to grow from rehearsal to wedding day. During the rehearsal, and after the flower girl was through with her responsibilities, both of the little ladies had a fantastic time exploring the land. There was so much space to run and so many interesting places to see. They loved the pond and little forest pathway the best, and I was just amazed at how beautiful everything was. 
The wedding day came with a few rain clouds, and the outdoor wedding was moved indoors quickly. The magic never stopped, however. Both venue and family members rose to the occasion, transforming the indoor space into a beautiful room, ready for the lovely ceremony. If I hadn't known better, I would have assumed it had always been meant to be an indoor wedding - that was how good of a job everyone did. 
With the help of a flower dress, sparkly shoes, and a flower crown, Bug felt like a fairy princess and had an absolutely amazing day. She felt like a big girl, ate a lot of cake, and made friends with the other kids during the reception. I asked her if she was nervous at all about walking down the aisle, she said no, and definitely didn't appear to be so. She did such a fantastic job!
As soon as the ceremony was over, the sun came out to shine and I managed to take some photos of the fairy princesses by their wishing well. I was so thankful and joy filled that we were able to be a part of this special day. The venue was gorgeous, the bride was gorgeous (you'll just have to believe me), the food was delicious, and my daughter felt magical. I love these photos so much. xo  
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