Wednesday, October 13

The Pumpkin Spice Latte Cake

For Thanksgiving dinner, the girls and I worked very hard and made a festive pumpkin spice latte cake. I spotted this recipe on Zoella's blog and knew that I wanted to try and attempt to make such a happy dessert. I am not the most experienced baker, there were several techniques I had not tried before, but the girls encouraged me and we spent the majority of the morning building it up from scratch. 
One of the things that we did differently from the original recipe is that we made it with gluten-free flour. I looked over the recipe and with that many eggs, I wondered if it would be enough liquid to get by with the dryness that GF flour usually brings. It was! The cake that came out was heavy and dense which was a wonderful balance to the light and fluffy buttercream icing. We didn't put on Halloween marshmallows for decoration, but instead went sprinkle overboard. We found our sprinkles at a dollar store and using them was our ultimate goal for October. 
I forgot to take photos after I applied the buttercream and found that melting chocolate was easier than I thought it would be, but pouring it in a pretty fashion was harder. Must work on my drizzling skills! 
All those tasty spiders!!
The cake had a few little bubble holes through-out (oops), but everyone really seemed to enjoy this cake. Yay!
Now, to slowly eat the leftovers!

Tuesday, October 5

A Stroll Through MacTaggart Sanctuary

I have a deep love for autumn; the colours, the smells, the crisp breeze - it calms me and I feel like I can breathe deep again. This time of year always makes me the happiest! I love feeing the temperature change as the hours go by; the fresh, coolness of the morning, the happy warmth of the sun by afternoon, the shocking chill of the evening. Our maple tree is currently dropping its leaves and its magical watching them fall; whirling and swaying as they make their way down to cover the earth. The air thick of the lovely musky-sweet smell of foliage decay. I can't be the only one who likes that smell, right? The city is changing, and I am in love. 

On of my goals this fall was to take an autumnal hike with the family. Fortunately, they didn't need much convincing and we found ourselves walking along the MacTaggart Sanctuary Trail one Saturday afternoon. The morning started off cold and rainy, but by the time we started, it was warm and I was ready to breathe in all that damp forest loveliness. With roots to step on, leaves to gather and collect, rivers to stand along, what more could we ask for? 

Thursday, September 30

And Then She Was Four

My youngest turned four this month! It was another odd year of little celebrations, but it turned out lovely. Her requests were simple : a blueberry cake with blue icing and a room full of balloons, please. I can do that! I used this recipe as my guide, and altered it to become gluten-free. I also used whipping cream instead of the cream cheese icing that it recommended. The cake was delicious! 
I had her to myself in the morning, so we treated ourselves to lots of balloon playing, Starbucks, and homemade granola bars. She picked her favourite gluten-free cereal, ate macaroni and cheese (with beans) for lunch, and ended off with a delicious sloppy joe supper. Her gifts were opened whenever she felt like it and she got to talk to so many people through-out the day. She felt pretty special! 
When her sister got home, it was time to decorate the cake. Traditionally, I like having their cake all ready for them to see when they wake up in the morning, but the idea of having them help me with it felt so right this year. They had so much fun! Lots of icing was eaten in the process and our tongues turned blue! 
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