Thursday, September 23

A Rainbow Fade Chevron Blanket : Project Complete

I am very happy to announce that the rainbow fade blanket project has been completely finished! Finally! :)  I started this blanket at the end of 2020 and eagerly worked on it through-out the springtime of 2021. I completed the chevron rows and even added fringe before summer started, but because of those dreaded words "weave in the ends," I took several months hiatus. Also, I sprained my wrist ... but is that a proper excuse? 

September hit and I started craving the project again. Honestly, I don't even mind weaving in ends, its enjoyable to me once I start. I don't really know why I waited so long to finish it. Maybe it was because the weather was warmer? Who knows, (Okay, maybe my wrist did play a larger part in it) but now, I am happy to report that its done and now placed lovingly on Bug's (my oldest daughter) bed. 

I used this pattern as my guide and worked mostly with Michaels Loops & Thread Impeccable colourways as well as the Red Heart Supersavers. A lot of the yarn I already had in my stash, but once we knew that it was a rainbow fade that Bug was wanting, we did end up buying seven other colours to add and fill in the gaps of what I already had. The result lead to this:
Look at that wonderful fringe! That was another little detail that I thought would take me a bit, but it was really easy to add it on. The blanket would stay incomplete like this for a few months, just waiting to be finished. 
I absolutely love how it turned out. It really was a fun project to crochet and seemed to build up fast, since I kept wanting to get to the next colour. The fringe is the best and my daughter is so happy with how it looks on her bed. 

I am now working on another blanket for my youngest (Monkey), however, she wanted it to be rainbow craziness. I will be posting pictures of her blanket soon. I am currently in the middle of building it and feeling the excitement to have it placed on her bed as well. 

Tuesday, September 21

A Look At 2020 // July - December

I wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge our 2020 year before moving on with things that are currently happening in our lives. This post is part two and it focuses on the months July through to December. Part one can be found here and I hope you enjoy all the lovely photos. :) 


Reading an awesome new series and a tea party. (Book two got a little creepy, so we took a pause it, but now that Bug is older, I think it will be okay for her to read). Playing Gloomhaven! I love my tinkerer. Her name is Jules. 
Bug's blanket for Grandma is growing! I am in love with it and her dedication to the project. Pretty weeds on the side of the road! Swoon.
My birthday poppies are growing and I am in love! Like, seriously! My little seedlings are producing some great results and the Dwarf Fireweed is breathtaking! I am really missing that garden now.
Pretty light reflections discovered on the wall and Bug is working on the boarder of her project. 
I cannot stop staring at the garden!! This year (2021) I did NOT have any seeds and now I totally regret it. The hard work paid off and I am missing seeing all the pretty colours on my deck. We also decided it was good day to paint. 
Baking muffins and playing a new Scooby Doo game!! 
Dragons, unicorns, and rainbows, oh my!
This photo makes me so happy. Eventually I posted a whole collection of sky photos that I had taken over time. I may not be able to go anywhere, but that won't stop me from sharing my love of clouds.


Pretty little flowers and Bug is working on another blanket while I work on my Temperature Blanket project. This project has been unfinished for a long time, but I now know what to do with it and I am super thrilled. I will be sharing a blog post when I have completed it. :) 
Kitty in a tree! He followed us home on one of our walks.
Our second trip to Mimi and Opa's house went by even faster than the first. So many adventures and so much yummy food!
We reorganized the basement. I miss this place so much! :) 


Boarder time! Working on new stitches and loving the result! 
"The Library Book" was a wonderful nonfiction! 5 stars from me! Also, hello! 
Working on some awesome songs. I love hearing her play! Spending the majority of our outdoor time on bicycles.
This has always been a dream for me. A bouquet of flowers from the garden on my table!
Making butter! This was such a fun project. We were reading "Little House in the Big Woods" and the girls thought it was crazy that they had to make their own butter. So we had to try it!!
Somebody turned three! This was my first attempt at a gluten-free cake and it was delicious! 
We received a box full of apples as a gift and, in my opinion, it was the best thing ever! Yummy pancakes for supper. I love the placement of the pancake on the fox's head.  


Pretty stack of books on my nightstand. All the choices! I try to keep only my current reads stacked on it, however, I get too excited and end up piling everything that I am interested in. You know, for easy grabbing.
I love the way the light plays and silly sketches from my youngest. 
Making yummy gingerbread cookies for fun. They were gluten-free and so yummy.
Pretty fall colours and pumpkin carving! Love this time of year!
A pretty little fall table full of books and tools and coffee. I did NOT finish "Sybil." I got too scared. :) The kitty is waiting for her Halloween meal


Enchanting skies and delicious ramen to keep me happy for days.
Putting in some work on the temperature blanket and being blessed by a decadent gluten-free dessert!
Another little book tea party, but with nutella hot chocolate instead! Yum! (and too rich for me, I will stick with coffee, thank you!) 
Pretty shadows from pretty ornaments. Loving the cozy atmosphere!
My flowers are showing off their colours this time of year! 
Christmas crafts and working on a special project for my oldest. 
All the Christmas songs are being played! This is one of the last photos I have of our old, little keyboard.


Working hard or hardly working? And the top hat always makes me the happiest!
Snow art and yummy roasted potatoes to keep me warm! 
Play-doh math and play-doh fun. I kind of like sweeping up the doh crumbs from the floor.
An art project from school turned into several days of wonderful fun! We made the dough gluten-free just in case fingers were put into mouths. 
Decorating the house for someone to turn seven! I didn't manage to write a blog post about it last year, so there are quite a few photos of her special day here. 
My mom and dad (Mimi and Opa) cut out and created so many of these beautiful snowflake ballerina dancers and I enjoyed filling up the house with them for Bug's special day. Another gluten free chocolate cake, but with whipped cream and strawberries instead.
Ginger snaps and working on a wonderful birthday gift! I cannot remember the recipe I used for the cookies, sorry!
I decided last minute to bake all the cookies: gingerbread and sugar
Our original plan was to share all this delicious food with family and friends, unfortunately, we were't able to, so we had to eat it all ourselves. A yummy turkey meal Christmas Eve and a Japanese feast Christmas Day. And I didn't have to cook any of it. YUM!
It's a Christmas tradition to watch this every year. 
Playing with some new Christmas gifts and just relaxing.
Pretty little Christmas lights, enjoying some fun family time. 


Thank you so much for walking down memory lane with me. I feel so reflective "walking" through our year and seeing everything from a distance. 2020 was tough, but I am so thankful for the individuals who live with me, reminding me to laugh and be silly, to play and to dream. 

I hope you have a wonderful day. :) 
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